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Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Norbert’s pizza in Brooklyn goes above and beyond to turn a customer’s crappy birthday into a memorable feast



Pizza paradise: NYC pizzeria grants heartfelt birthday wish with a twist

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  When a New York man named Jason faced a disappointing birthday, he turned to his local pizza place for a unique request. In a heartwarming twist, Norbert’s Pizza in Brooklyn responded with an act of kindness that turned a gloomy day into a memorable celebration.

Jason, sharing his experience on Reddit under the username u/Jmklein17, revealed that he ordered a pizza from Norbert’s Pizza after not receiving any birthday wishes from friends or family. On the order instructions, he made a peculiar request: “It’s my birthday, and not even my family called me. I’m sad, and I really like olives. Please put on as many black olives as you can. I want you to put on so many black olives that you start to question mine and your own sanity. As much as you can include without being fired. Thank you.”

To his surprise and delight, Norbert’s Pizza not only fulfilled his wish but also added a creative touch. The pizza came adorned with an extraordinary amount of black olives, and they even included an additional container of olives on the side. Accompanying the olives was a charming drawing of a birthday cake, truly going above and beyond to brighten Jason’s day.

Speaking to Newsweek, Jason expressed his gratitude, saying, “[I] didn’t get any birthday wishes from my friends or family, so I ordered myself a pizza that was admittedly way too expensive. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they really went above and beyond on the pizza—even gave me an extra container of olives on the side in case it wasn’t enough. It was very sweet and definitely made my day a little better.”

Norbert’s Pizza, located in Brooklyn, gained praise from Reddit users for their thoughtful response. Comments poured in, with one user saying, “Happy birthday. My olive your wishes come true.” Another added a playful pun, “You’re ‘oliviously’ an awesome person. Happy birthday.”

Jason, inspired by a similar post about requesting “as many pickles as you can without getting fired,” decided to give it a try. Reflecting on the experience, he shared, “I wanted to ask something similar to see what their response would be, and they definitely delivered. I talked to the guy who posted it originally, and we both think it’s hilarious how both posts got so big. Hopefully, we’ve inspired some other people to make some of their own orders with similar wording, maybe even start a trend, who knows “


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