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Newly minted millionaire shares 8 hard-earned rules for financial success



Strategies and wisdom from a self-made millionaire

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 For many, the idea of a million-dollar fortune may seem like an unattainable dream, reserved for lottery winners or the extraordinarily fortunate. However, one man has proven that with determination and hard work, anyone can achieve financial success. In a Reddit ‘Ask me anything’ (AMA) post, this self-made millionaire, who rose from a humble background, generously shared the eight rules he followed to reach the coveted million-dollar milestone.

“I just hit $1M in net worth. I grew up black, and poor with a single mom. It took me longer than I planned to get here, but I made it,” the anonymous millionaire declared, backing his claim with proof of his substantial net worth.

While admitting to being less than stellar at budgeting, the millionaire emphasizes the importance of “paying yourself first.” This involves allocating a substantial sum to savings before addressing other expenditures, creating a disciplined approach to wealth accumulation.

The millionaire advocates for early entry into the stock market, citing his own initiation at the age of 23. Investing in the market offers the potential for substantial returns and long-term growth, a key component of his financial strategy.

Cautioning against the pitfalls of high-interest store credit cards, the millionaire advises steering clear of these financial traps. Instead, he emphasizes the significance of paying down bad debts, starting with those incurring the highest interest rates.

Acknowledging the challenges of building passive income, the millionaire underscores its importance in securing financial stability. While recognizing the difficulty, he encourages individuals to explore avenues for creating passive income to augment their financial portfolio.

Aiming to dispel the myth that acquiring wealth requires sacrificing all comforts, the millionaire advises a judicious approach to spending. “Only spend money on sh*t that matters,” he advocates, highlighting the prioritization of expenditures on meaningful experiences such as travel over non-essential items.

Aspiring to reach $1 million in liquid assets in the coming years, this self-made millionaire provides not just a glimpse into his journey but practical rules that anyone can consider on their path to financial success. His narrative stands as a testament to the power of resilience, discipline, and strategic financial planning in turning dreams of prosperity into reality.


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