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Mum’s Elf on the shelf prank sparks outrage – “Disturbing” stunt draws criticism



Christmas tradition takes a dark turn as mom faces backlash for extreme Elf on the shelf setup

The popular Christmas tradition of Elf on the Shelf, where families playfully stage the mischievous adventures of Santa’s little helper, took a controversial turn when a mom’s festive setup was branded “disturbing” and “cruel.” Cece, a TikTok user and mother of two, faced backlash after a particularly unconventional Elf on the Shelf scenario involving goldfish drew intense criticism.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Cece can be seen running a bath and unveiling a plastic bag containing live goldfish. The clip shows her releasing the fish into the water, setting up a toy fishing rod with a sign that reads, “Don’t mind me, just fishing!” The elf doll is then positioned in the bath, seemingly fishing alongside the live goldfish.

Image by ibrandify on Freepik

While some viewers found the setup creative, a significant number expressed outrage, deeming the prank “disturbing” and “cruel.” Concerns were raised about the welfare of the goldfish, with many viewers questioning the impact of the stunt on the aquatic creatures. Cece later confirmed in a comment that her sister’s turtles would be the recipients of the goldfish.

Animal activists, including Elisa Allen, Vice President of Programmes at PETA, condemned the stunt, emphasizing that fish are sentient beings deserving of empathy. Allen urged parents to exercise “common decency” and avoid exploiting animals for social media gimmicks.

The controversial Elf on the Shelf setup sparked a broader conversation about the boundaries of festive pranks and the ethical treatment of animals during holiday celebrations.


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