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Mrs Hinch’s emotional revelation: she and son Ronnie, 3, embrace autism diagnosis, emphasizing ‘magical days’ amid challenges



Mrs Hinch, the influential 33-year-old, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, recently disclosed on Instagram that she and her eldest son, Ronnie, have been diagnosed with autism. Revealing that both she and four-year-old Ronnie received confirmation of their diagnoses some time ago, Mrs Hinch clarified that they took their time to process, learn, and grow together as a family before sharing the news publicly. Her other son, Lennie, aged two, is with her husband Jamie Hinchliffe.

In an emotional Instagram post cuddling Ronnie, Mrs Hinch shared, ‘Autism. A question I am asked daily. Mrs Hinch, is Ronnie autistic? Yes, our wonderful Ronnie is autistic. In fact, I am too.’ She expressed gratitude to Ronnie, acknowledging that his existence helped everything make sense to her after 33 years and described him as her absolute inspiration.

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Support poured in from her celebrity friends and fans, with her husband Jamie expressing immense pride, and Stacey Solomon, Kady McDermott, Georgia Kousoulou, Jake Quickenden, and Frankie Sims all sending love and support.

Mrs Hinch was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, expressing her gratitude and saying she was lost for words.

This disclosure follows Christine McGuinness’s revelation about being diagnosed with autism at 31, which she described as an ‘instant relief’. Christine and her ex-husband Paddy McGuinness have three children, all of whom are also autistic.

The article also delves into the signs and symptoms of autism according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), listing difficulties in social, emotional, and communication skills.

Christine McGuinness, in a separate instance, shared her experience of a double diagnosis of ADHD and autism, discussing how it changed her life, helped her understand herself better, and made her more aware of the world around her. Sam Thompson, another public figure, shared his journey of being diagnosed with ADHD and autism, highlighting how the realization was a turning point that brought relief and a newfound self-awareness.

These stories emphasize the impact of receiving diagnoses later in life, shedding light on how it has brought understanding, self-awareness, and empowerment to those affected.


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