Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Morning coffee: The surprising impact on your sleep and alternatives you need to try!



The morning ritual of reaching for that cup of coffee is practically a national pastime. But did you know it might not be the best move for your sleep and overall well-being? Returning to work post-Christmas often means leaning on caffeine to jolt us back into our daily grind, yet a prominent sleep expert has a rather eye-opening take on this habitual morning fix.

According to Rex Isap, CEO at Happy Beds and a renowned sleep expert, that habitual cup of coffee might be doing more harm than good if you consume it within the first hour of waking up. Isap warns against indulging in that immediate caffeine hit, shedding light on the science behind why it’s wise to hold off for at least an hour.

Isap explained, “The rush for that initial cup of coffee right after waking might seem like a necessity, but it might actually hinder the full effects of caffeine. Cortisol levels, linked to stress, peak in the morning, oddly enhancing alertness. However, coupling caffeine with already high cortisol levels might offset its intended effect, leading to a potential tolerance build-up.”

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So, if you’re an early morning coffee enthusiast, it might be time to reconsider. Isap advocates for waiting it out to optimise the caffeine boost and potentially avoid building up a tolerance that diminishes its efficacy over time.

He delved deeper into the science behind sleep and caffeine, revealing, “As the day progresses, our brains accumulate adenosine, a chemical promoting sleepiness. Caffeine disrupts this by blocking adenosine receptors, tricking our bodies into alertness. So, those sleepless nights after a day full of coffee? Blame it on the interference with adenosine.”

Isap’s advice is clear: give your cortisol levels and sleep a chance to thrive by delaying that morning brew for at least an hour. Your restful sleep might just thank you for it.

But what are the alternatives to that trusty cup of coffee? Isap suggests some intriguing options that promise a natural energy boost without the potential sleep disruption.

He champions the ‘Golden Milk’ or turmeric latte, boasting health benefits that could aid in combating sleep deprivation and potentially enhancing sleep quality. Additionally, Isap recommends matcha, peppermint, and ginger tea as worthy substitutes, each carrying relaxing properties and anti-inflammatory effects, offering a decaffeinated energy boost.”

It’s juicy to think that your morning coffee might not be the best idea right off the bat. But hey, there’s always a golden milk latte or some matcha waiting to give you that buzz without the potential sleep disruption!


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