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Molly-Mae Hague faces backlash for first-class baby flight amid bikini snap share



Molly-Mae Hague is facing heat from critics over her choice to fly her daughter ‘first class.’

The former Love Island sensation, 23, stirred up controversy among fans after sharing that she jetted Bambi across the globe.

Currently basking in the Maldives with beau Tommy Fury, Molly-Mae posted pictures relaxing on a sun lounger with her little one, captioned, “Flew across the world with my girl.”

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However, some fans weren’t impressed, criticizing her parenting as they felt it wasn’t a challenge if she wasn’t in economy class. One commenter sniped, “Not exactly hard when you fly business class and can lie down with her. She’s one lucky girl.”

Another remark struck a nerve, saying, “Awful when so many are struggling just to afford food.”

But amidst the backlash, supporters rallied behind Molly-Mae, defending her choices and praising her as a role model for young mothers. They commended her for her responsible lifestyle, contrasting it with the stereotype of late-night club exits.

While critics scrutinize, Baby Bambi Fury is already clocking in frequent flyer miles, experiencing a life of luxury with Molly-Mae and Tommy. From lavish holidays to elite travel experiences, the Love Island duo is giving their little one a taste of the high life, making headlines with every getaway. Fabulous magazine delves into the envy-inducing, extravagant lifestyle of Baby Bambi Fury, highlighting her jet-setting adventures and luxurious upbringing.


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