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The survey suggests PM Modi’s leadership and India’s global influence boost re-election chances



As India prepares for general elections, PM Modi’s strong leadership and India’s international rise could outweigh domestic economic concerns.

In the upcoming seven-phase general election starting April 19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is predicted to have a strong chance of re-election, bolstered by his leadership and India’s increasing global stature, despite prevailing concerns over unemployment and inflation. This insight comes from a recent survey conducted by Lokniti-CSDS, which involved 10,000 voters across 19 states.

The survey revealed that unemployment remains the most significant concern for 27% of respondents, closely followed by the issue of rising prices, affecting 23%. Over the past five years, which coincide with Modi’s second term, 62% of participants reported that finding jobs has become increasingly difficult, highlighting ongoing challenges in the employment sector despite India’s rapid economic growth.

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Notably, 22% of those surveyed appreciated the government’s efforts in constructing the grand temple dedicated to Lord Ram, a project that has been a focal point for Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and resonates strongly with many of its supporters. However, only 8% prioritized this as a primary concern, indicating a broader range of voter priorities.

While domestic issues such as unemployment and inflation trouble voters, Modi’s international engagements, such as hosting the G20 summit and enhancing India’s global image, have resonated positively with the electorate. About 8% of respondents were particularly impressed by the government’s initiatives to bolster India’s international reputation.

Despite the mixed reactions to domestic policies, a significant 79% of the surveyed voters expressed that India is a country for people of all religions, reflecting a pluralistic view contrary to the narrative of consolidating a Hindu identity through symbolic actions like the Ram Temple construction.

As India positions itself as a major player on the global stage, becoming the world’s fastest-growing major economy and the fifth-largest overall, the upcoming elections will test how much these achievements will influence voters’ decisions in the face of persistent economic challenges.


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