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Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Millionaire’s illegal ‘man cave’ saga takes a new turn: district judge issues final injunction for nuisance parking amidst 13-car dispute



Graham Wildin faces further restrictions following controversial leisure complex construction and parking chaos

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In an ongoing saga of opulence and defiance, millionaire Graham Wildin, 71, from Cirencester, Gloucestershire, faces a final injunction from a District Judge, marking the latest chapter in a legal battle surrounding his construction of a massive leisure complex, colloquially dubbed the ‘UK’s biggest man cave.’ This time, the dispute revolves around his penchant for parking 13 cars outside his property, causing annoyance to his neighbors on Meendhurst Road.

Wildin’s leisure complex, featuring a bowling alley, casino, and cinema, was erected without planning permission, leading to a six-week jail stint and a series of lost court battles. The recent injunction limits Wildin to parking only two cars on the road, along with space for two visitors, who are permitted to stay for a maximum of eight hours. Additionally, the judge ruled against keeping CCTV cameras on the exterior of any vehicle or on extendable poles.

Numerous complaints from disgruntled neighbors prompted the intervention of Solace, a partnership between Gloucestershire police and local councils aimed at addressing anti-social behavior. The legal proceedings unveiled a parking dilemma, with a Forest of Dean District Council bin lorry unable to collect rubbish due to the multitude of vehicles lining the road.

Wildin, contesting the allegations through his legal representative Sasha Wass KC, argued that his neighbors were responsible for the parking issues and insisted that he had not obstructed their driveways, except for a single occasion.

This legal battle is just one episode in Wildin’s protracted conflict with authorities. Previously incarcerated for failing to comply with court orders, he attempted to divest ownership of the leisure complex, claiming to have sold it for a nominal £1. Despite these challenges, Wildin persists in asserting his right to an extravagant lifestyle.

Neighborhood residents, speaking anonymously due to fear of reprisal, voiced concerns about Wildin’s parking antics, accusing him of creating chaos to pressure authorities regarding his man cave. One resident described the situation as “intimidating,” with Wildin allegedly using cameras to monitor residents’ parking spaces.

Solace’s Anti-Social Behavior Case Review Co-ordinator, Di Blandford, commended the justice system’s support for the injunction, highlighting the frustration experienced by Meendhurst Road residents. Wildin was ordered to cover his legal costs, estimated at £80,000, and contribute an additional £5,000 towards Solace’s expenses.

As the legal battles persist, Wildin’s extravagant pursuits continue to draw public attention and raise questions about the limits of personal liberties in a community setting.


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