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Shocking clues uncovered: MH370 pilot’s alleged scheme for vanishing act exposed!



A decade on, fresh insights suggest a dark plot behind MH370’s mysterious disappearance

In a riveting twist to the decade-old enigma of Malaysia Airlines‘ MH370 disappearance, a key investigator has hinted at potential evidence suggesting the flight might have been deliberately crashed. This theory breathes new life into the global quest for truth behind the tragedy that left 239 souls missing since 2014.

Simon Hardy, a seasoned Boeing 777 pilot, roped in by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau in 2015 for his expertise, has shared compelling observations from his analysis. The technical records he examined revealed unusual pre-flight preparations, including an increase in the cockpit’s oxygen supply and extra fuel, sparking speculation about the pilot’s intentions.

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The ordinary levels of oxygen, typically sufficient for the intended Kuala Lumpur to Beijing journey, were mysteriously topped up, a detail that Hardy finds too coincidental to ignore. This move, he argues, could have enabled pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah to remain awake and operational while possibly leading the aircraft and its unwitting passengers towards a tragic finale.

Furthermore, Hardy’s scrutiny uncovered an additional 3,000kg of fuel on the aircraft, extending its flight duration by about 30 minutes – a critical window that could have facilitated the plane’s concealment from the world’s eyes. This extra time in the air, according to Hardy, would have allowed for a strategic ditching in the Indian Ocean at dawn, enhancing the chances of the plane evading detection.

MH370’s last known moments involved a standard departure, reaching cruising altitude, and maintaining communication with Vietnamese air traffic control. However, the narrative took a dark turn as the plane unexpectedly veered west, subsequently disappearing without a trace, leaving behind a trail of conspiracy theories and unanswered questions.

As the search for MH370 continues, the longing for closure among the families of those aboard remains undiminished. Hardy’s insights not only reignite discussions around the flight’s final hours but also underscore the relentless pursuit of truth in one of aviation’s most perplexing mysteries.


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