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Meghan Markle’s strategic ‘game plan’ for royal redemption amid King Charles ‘snub’



Meghan Markle’s strategic ‘game plan’ for royal redemption amid king Charles ‘snub’

As Prince Harry returns to the UK for the Invictus Games, Meghan Markle remains notably absent, crafting what royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams describes as a “wise” strategy amid the tense relationship with King Charles. The Duchess of Sussex’s upcoming journey to Nigeria alongside Harry is part of their carefully considered “game plan for royal redemption.” According to Fitzwilliams, this move shields the couple from potential criticism in the UK, especially after King Charles reportedly “snubbed” Harry during his visit.

During Harry’s return to the UK for the annual Invictus Games, many expected a potential reconciliation with King Charles. However, no such meeting materialized, with sources attributing the lack of rendezvous to the King’s tight schedule. Fitzwilliams explains that despite King Charles’ “open door” policy, his refusal to meet Harry will be viewed as a “snub,” hinting at the ongoing strain within the royal family.

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While the absence of a meeting is a setback for Harry, the couple’s visit to Nigeria serves a dual purpose. They plan to engage with service members and participate in cultural events, providing a positive narrative amidst their rocky relationship with the UK royal family. The trip also acts as a buffer, ensuring Meghan remains away from a potentially “hostile press and public” in the UK.

Meanwhile, tensions persist between Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, with Fitzwilliams noting the near impossibility of a meeting between the two. Prince William, who reportedly does not trust his younger brother due to previous conflicts, maintains a firm distance.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Fitzwilliams believes there is still a path to redemption for Meghan and Harry. Their efforts to mend their public image could involve favourable mentions of the Commonwealth in their speeches, given their history as senior working royals and their ties to Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy. By acknowledging the Commonwealth positively, the couple could gradually repair the strained relationship with the royal institution.

However, the damage from their public criticism of the monarchy remains significant. Their documentary “Harry and Meghan” cast the royal family in a negative light, especially regarding their treatment of the Commonwealth. This criticism contrasted sharply with their former roles as patrons of Commonwealth organizations, a legacy cherished by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Navigating this strained relationship requires delicate handling. Fitzwilliams suggests that any reconciliation will need to occur privately and with less public scrutiny. The rift between the Sussexes and the royal family remains one of the most scrutinized topics in global media, making each public move pivotal in their broader redemption strategy.


Political Perspective:

The Sussexes’ strained relationship with King Charles reflects larger tensions within the institution of the British monarchy. Their critique of the royal family in recent years has strained diplomatic ties within the Commonwealth, an institution that the royal family must maintain to uphold its global influence.

Sociological Perspective:

Harry and Meghan’s approach to navigating their relationship with the royal family shows the delicate balance between individuality and tradition. Their desire for independence contrasts with the deeply rooted expectations tied to royalty. This friction resonates with broader societal shifts as younger generations redefine their roles within traditional institutions.

Media and Public Perception:

Public opinion about Harry and Meghan varies widely, with some supporting their decisions and others viewing them as betraying the royal family. Media narratives play a critical role in shaping perceptions of their actions, often scrutinizing their decisions more intensely than those of other royals.

Gender and Minority Issues:

Meghan’s identity as a biracial woman has deeply influenced media portrayal and public opinion. Her experience with the royal family, coupled with the unique challenges she faced, highlights broader issues of race and gender in society. Her public statements on these issues have often brought attention to the experiences of marginalized groups.

Reconciliation and Redemption:

Any chance of reconciliation between Harry, Meghan, and the royal family hinges on balancing privacy and strategic public messaging. Their approach to redemption requires delicately navigating historical family dynamics while also addressing past criticisms and controversies.


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