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Meghan Markle seeks peace talks with King Charles to mend royal relations



Meghan Markle aims to reconcile with the royal family, hoping to boost her lifestyle brand amid declining popularity.

Meghan Markle is preparing to initiate peace talks with King Charles and senior members of the royal family, according to royal commentator Angela Levin. This move comes as the Duchess of Sussex reportedly remains deeply affected by the treatment she received from the royal family over the past four years.

Angela Levin, speaking to GB News, revealed that Meghan Markle feels genuinely hurt by her experiences as a former working royal. Despite this, she now appears determined to move forward and focus on enhancing her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. Levin noted, “She wants to finally sit down and talk through things.”

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Levin suggested that Meghan seeks an apology from the royal family, particularly from King Charles. However, the royal family does not seem inclined to apologize. Instead, Levin argues, “The person who should apologize is really her, but they don’t want that.”

Meghan Markle’s desire to mend fences with the royal family seems partly driven by her aim to improve her brand’s standing. Levin explained, “She believes that being in the good books of the royal family will help her boost her brand amid the California-based couple’s declining popularity.”

Additionally, Meghan is reportedly trying to gain support from other royal family members, such as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, to help promote her lifestyle brand. Levin shared, “She’s also trying to get Beatrice and Eugenie, who’s on top of her list, to get people to help her sell her jams. And she’s really hoping that King Charles might take one, too.”

As Prince Harry prepares for a potential solo return to royal duties, Meghan’s efforts to reconcile with the royal family highlight a strategic move to strengthen her public image and business ventures. The coming weeks will reveal whether these peace talks will materialize and what impact they might have on the Sussexes’ relationship with the royal family.



Meghan Markle’s attempt to initiate peace talks with King Charles holds significant political implications within the royal family. Reconciliation could lead to a more unified public front, potentially easing tensions and improving the monarchy’s public image. On the other hand, if the talks fail or if the royal family refuses to engage, it could further strain relations and deepen public divides. Meghan’s actions also reflect a broader political strategy to regain favour and influence within the royal circle, which could impact future royal engagements and the overall dynamic of the monarchy.


Meghan’s move to seek peace with the royal family resonates with ongoing societal debates about forgiveness, reconciliation, and the treatment of public figures. Her public appeal for an apology highlights the importance of addressing past grievances and moving forward. This situation mirrors many individuals’ experiences of seeking resolution in personal and professional relationships. Moreover, Meghan’s actions could inspire discussions about the pressures faced by public figures and the balance between personal grievances and public responsibilities.


Meghan Markle’s experiences as a biracial woman in the royal family have been a focal point of discussions about race and discrimination. Her desire for peace talks can be seen as an effort to address and potentially heal racial tensions that have been highlighted during her time as a working royal. The outcome of these talks could influence broader conversations about inclusivity and acceptance within traditionally exclusive institutions. Meghan’s actions might also encourage other individuals facing racial discrimination to seek resolution and advocate for change.


Meghan’s situation underscores the unique challenges faced by women in high-profile roles, particularly within the royal family. Her efforts to reconcile with the royal family while managing a business and maintaining her public image highlight the pressures on women to balance personal and professional lives. The public scrutiny Meghan faces as she navigates these challenges reflects the broader societal expectations placed on women, especially those in influential positions. Her actions may prompt discussions about gender dynamics and the need for support systems for women in similar situations.


The economic aspect of Meghan’s peace talks centers on her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. By seeking to improve her relationship with the royal family, Meghan aims to enhance her brand’s visibility and credibility. This move highlights the interconnectedness of personal relationships and business ventures for public figures. A successful reconciliation could lead to increased support for her brand and potential collaborations with other royal family members. Conversely, if the talks do not yield positive results, Meghan may need to explore alternative strategies to boost her brand and maintain her market presence


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