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Meghan Markle’s ambitions misaligned with royal life, expert claims



Former royal correspondent asserts Duchess of Sussex sought “superstar” status, clashing with royal family expectations

According to a royal expert, Meghan Markle’s ambitions clashed with royal family expectations, resulting in a challenging experience. Jennie Bond, a former BBC royal correspondent, suggested Meghan misunderstood her role within the monarchy, aspiring for prominence that the royal framework couldn’t accommodate.

Meghan Markle, alongside her husband Prince Harry, stepped back from royal duties in 2020. Since their departure, Meghan has made several controversial comments about her royal experience. Bond highlighted Meghan’s struggle to align her aspirations with the royal family’s structure. “Meghan failed to understand she would never be the top dog in the Royal Family,” Bond said. “There’s nothing wrong with seeking the limelight, but the Royal Family was the wrong vehicle for her ambitions.”

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Meghan Markle’s royal journey contrasts with her current lifestyle in Montecito, California. While many believed she aimed for a “superstar” status within the royal family, Bond suggested that Meghan now prefers a low-key life. Despite this preference, Meghan and Harry remain prominent figures, currently engaged in various projects with Netflix. Their 2020 deal with the streaming giant, worth a reported $100 million, will expire next year.

Since signing the Netflix deal, the couple produced a six-part docuseries that featured many controversial remarks about their royal life. However, there are concerns about their future projects. Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams noted a potential decline in Netflix’s interest in the Sussexes. “Since their $100 million contract began, they have done hardly anything for it. Netflix may have less interest in the Sussexes as their contract runs out next year,” Fitzwilliams said.

Meghan and Harry face financial uncertainty if Netflix chooses not to renew their contract. With their business and charitable foundation, Archewell, having few donors, the couple may find themselves in a precarious financial situation. Fitzwilliams warned that losing the Netflix deal could have significant ramifications for the Sussexes, who have relied on exposing royal life for substantial earnings.

Harry is currently working on a documentary series about polo, while Meghan is focusing on a lifestyle and cookery show, potentially tied to her new American Riviera Orchard brand. However, public interest in the former royals might be waning. Fitzwilliams emphasized that the couple’s unpredictability and ambition could be challenging for the royal family if they lose their Netflix contract.

In-depth Analysis

Meghan Markle’s royal journey offers a complex case study of expectations versus reality. Analyzing her experience from various perspectives can provide a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play.

From a political perspective, Meghan and Harry’s departure from royal duties highlights a significant shift in the royal family’s public image. Their exit underscored tensions within the monarchy, raising questions about the institution’s adaptability and relevance in contemporary society. Meghan’s outspoken nature and her willingness to challenge traditional norms clashed with the royal family’s more reserved and conservative approach.

Sociologically, Meghan’s struggle for acceptance within the royal family reveals broader issues of inclusion and cultural clash. As an American actress with a biracial heritage, Meghan faced unique challenges in assimilating into a centuries-old British institution. Her experiences shed light on the difficulties faced by individuals who do not conform to established norms and the resistance they encounter when attempting to bring change.

Economically, the couple’s financial independence has been a focal point since their departure. Their reliance on media deals, such as the Netflix contract, underscores the challenges of maintaining financial stability without royal support. The potential loss of this contract could place significant pressure on their ability to sustain their lifestyle and philanthropic endeavors through Archewell.

Locally, Meghan and Harry’s move to California represents a broader trend of high-profile individuals seeking privacy and a more subdued lifestyle away from public scrutiny. Their choice to settle in Montecito, a haven for celebrities, reflects their desire for a balanced life while maintaining their public personas.

From a gender perspective, Meghan’s experience highlights the expectations placed on women within the royal family. Her ambition and desire for prominence were perceived differently than similar traits in male royals. This discrepancy underscores the gendered expectations and double standards that persist within the institution.

Race and minority perspectives are crucial in understanding Meghan’s journey. Her biracial identity brought much-needed diversity to the royal family but also exposed deep-seated prejudices. Meghan’s candid discussions about her experiences with racism and discrimination within the royal institution have sparked important conversations about race, privilege, and the need for systemic change.

In conclusion, Meghan Markle’s royal journey is multifaceted, involving political, sociological, economic, local, gender, and racial dimensions. Each perspective provides valuable insights into the challenges she faced and the broader implications for the royal family and society. Her story continues to resonate, prompting ongoing discussions about tradition, change, and inclusivity within one of the world’s most enduring institutions.


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