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Matt Rife refuses apology to 6-year-old over alleged Onlyfans comment, says child’s mother



Comedian faces criticism for comments on Netflix special; Mom asserts apology should reflect changed behavior

After facing backlash for his Netflix special “Natural Selection,” which included controversial remarks, comedian Matt Rife is now at the center of controversy for an alleged comment directed at a 6-year-old about an OnlyFans account. The child’s mother claims Rife has not issued an apology and insists that any apology should be accompanied by a noticeable shift in his behavior, especially in the way he discusses women.

Rife’s Netflix special has drawn criticism for jokes about domestic violence and disparaging remarks about women interested in crystal healing. The contentious nature of his content has sparked a broader conversation about the responsibility of comedians in shaping public discourse.

In response to a clip from Rife’s special, TikToker Bunny Hedaya created a lighthearted response video featuring her 6-year-old son. Rife allegedly commented on the video, making a remark about Santa Claus and suggesting that Bunny’s motherhood finances are linked to OnlyFans.

According to Bunny Hedaya, Rife has not issued an apology for his alleged comment, and she insists that an apology should go beyond words. She suggests that Rife needs to reflect on his behavior, especially regarding his attitude towards women and children, and make a genuine effort to change.

The situation has generated a mix of responses, with some expressing concern over the alleged comment directed at a child. Others have criticized Rife’s overall approach and the content of his Netflix special.

As Matt Rife faces criticism for his alleged comment and the broader implications of his comedic content, the public awaits any potential response or actions from the comedian.


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