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Martin Lewis criticizes government’s Rwanda deportation plan on ‘Have I Got News For You’



The Financial Guru expressed concern over the high costs and ethical implications of the controversial policy

Martin Lewis, a renowned money-saving expert, voiced strong opposition to the UK government’s new Rwanda deportation plan while hosting the BBC’s satirical news show, “Have I Got News For You.” Known for his financial acumen, Lewis took a firm stand against the policy’s financial and moral implications, particularly emphasizing its hefty burden on UK taxpayers.

During the episode, Lewis highlighted the financial inefficiencies of the plan, which involves deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda while their applications are reviewed. The policy, recently passed by Parliament, carries a staggering base cost of £370 million over five years, with additional costs amounting to £150,874 per deported migrant. Lewis humorously noted that the only financial relief comes in the form of a £25 discount accessible through a voucher code, “S**TSHOW2024,” a remark that sparked laughter among the audience.

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The episode also saw long-time show captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop, joined by guests such as talk show host Steph McGovern and comedian Ignacio Lopez, delve into other significant news events. However, Lewis’s critique of the Rwanda plan stood out, marking a serious moment in an otherwise humorous scrutiny of weekly news.

Lewis’s comments reflect broader concerns about the ethical and financial viability of deporting asylum seekers, a practice fraught with human rights implications. The policy has been controversial, drawing criticism from various sectors of society, including legal experts and human rights organizations.

The episode not only showcased Lewis’s ability to engage with complex political issues but also his concern for the societal impact of financial statistics. His performance on the show was well-received, with social media users praising his ability to blend humour with serious critique, proving his versatility beyond financial advice.

The discussion on “Have I Got News For You” underscores the ongoing debate surrounding the UK’s immigration policies and the government’s approach to handling asylum seekers, highlighting the need for policies that are both financially prudent and ethically sound.


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