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Manchester’s descent: ‘Zombie’ drug menace haunts streets – from ecstasy tourists to sinister realities



Residents in Manchester, once drawn by the ecstasy-fueled buzz of the past, now face a grim reality as a more menacing wave of drugs takes over the city. What was once a vibrant hub is now marred by harrowing scenes: zombie-like individuals prowling the streets, drug users sprawled across pathways, and an atmosphere that chills even the bravest souls from venturing out at night.

Johanna Slack, 32, shares her distressing encounters, recounting the area’s drastic decline in safety over the years. “It’s like seeing zombies on the streets, especially in the Northern Quarter. It’s not safe anymore,” she laments, reflecting on how the situation has worsened, attributing it to the prevalence of Spice (synthetic marijuana).

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The city’s history with drugs, stemming from its notorious Haçienda era, once centered around ecstasy-fueled revelry. However, today, locals voice concerns about the accessibility of harder, more perilous drugs in the Northern Quarter and Piccadilly Gardens.

Matthew Hamilton, 26, expresses his unease after relocating to Manchester, stating, “Drug use on the streets is way worse here.” He recalls chilling incidents of being followed and feeling unsafe while walking, a sentiment echoed by others, including Gaynor Lomas, 36, who shares apprehensions about solo strolls due to the pervasive drug presence.

Despite Greater Manchester Police’s Operation Vulcan targeting citywide crime, residents feel little reprieve. While the police assert their efforts, community members like Daniel Ash, 35, assert that drugs remain a daily sight, lamenting how conspicuous and prevalent the issue has become.

Inspector Dan Cullum acknowledges the ongoing challenges but emphasizes their commitment to a community-driven approach for long-term solutions, striving to address the root causes of the Piccadilly Gardens concerns.

Despite official efforts, the reality on the ground reflects a persistent and alarming presence of drugs, leaving residents like Daniel Ash and many others disheartened by the visible and pervasive nature of the issue, which remains a constant concern in the daily fabric of Manchester.


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