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Man jailed for hiding flatmate’s corpse in freezer for two years



Damion Johnson’s shocking deception unveiled as he faces two-year sentence

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In a startling revelation, Damion Johnson, a 53-year-old qualified care worker, has been sentenced to two years in jail for concealing his deceased flatmate, John Wainwright, in a freezer for an astonishing two years. The shocking details surrounding this macabre incident unfolded in a courtroom in Derby today.

Johnson, who resided with Wainwright in Birmingham city centre, admitted to the ghastly act of preventing the lawful and decent burial of Wainwright, who tragically passed away in September 2018 at the age of 71. The pensioner’s body, hidden away since then, was only discovered in 2020 when the freezer was taken to Budget Skips in Warwickshire.

The extent of Johnson’s deception goes beyond the sinister act of concealment. He shamelessly exploited Wainwright’s demise by utilizing the late man’s bank cards for his own benefit. The charges against Johnson include fraudulent activities such as using Wainwright’s bank card for various purchases, withdrawing money from ATMs, and transferring funds from Wainwright’s account to his own.

During the sentencing, Judge Shaun Smith remarked, “This is an unusual case where a seemingly ordinary relationship took a dark turn. Instead of arranging a proper funeral for Mr. Wainwright, you deliberately chose to hide his body in a chest freezer, only to be discovered in a state of advanced decomposition two years later.”

The judge emphasized that Johnson was not implicated in Wainwright’s death and clarified, “There is no suggestion that you were responsible for his death or in any way contributed to it. However, your actions following his passing were morally reprehensible.”

Raglan Ashton, Johnson’s defense lawyer, revealed that his client acknowledged placing the body in the freezer. Astonishingly, he claimed that Johnson and Wainwright had an informal agreement, pooling their finances together with the understanding that the surviving party would utilize the deceased’s assets.

As this chilling tale unraveled in court, it serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable and sometimes sinister aspects that can lurk behind seemingly ordinary relationships. Johnson’s callous actions not only betrayed the trust of his deceased flatmate but also exposed a gruesome secret that shocked those who stumbled upon it.

This shocking case raises questions about the boundaries of trust and the lengths to which some may go to exploit even the closest relationships for personal gain.


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