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Love lost: Woman demands affair after husband’s infidelity



Marital drama unfolds as husband discovers wife’s retributive affair

Navigating the intricate web of relationships, a Reddit user seeks advice after discovering his wife’s affair following his own ‘regrettable drunken one-night fling’ years ago.

The 32-year-old man, who previously admitted to cheating three years ago, believed the storm had passed as his wife forgave him, and they sought resolution through couples therapy. However, a recent revelation rattled their seemingly restored relationship.

In an anonymous post on the ‘off my chest’ forum, the husband disclosed finding evidence of his wife’s affair on her phone, leading to a confrontation. The wife justified her actions, asserting that his past infidelity set a precedent for allowing such behavior in their relationship.

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Caught in a moral quandary, the husband turned to the online community for advice, torn between accepting his wife’s actions as justified retribution and longing for reconciliation.

The post reads: “She forgave me for cheating once, and we went to marriage counselling, but three days ago, while my wife was in the shower, I went through her phone and found the texts confirming she was cheating. I felt so betrayed, so I confronted her after she got out of the shower.”

He continued, “She claims that it’s ok because I cheated on her and I set the precedent for allowing infidelity. She got mad and stormed off. She left for work Friday, and I haven’t seen her since. I know she’s with him, and it hurts. I feel I deserve this but at the same time I want my wife back.”

The desperate plea concludes with the haunting question, ‘What do I do?’

Comments from forum users poured in, with diverse opinions reflecting the complexity of the situation. Some questioned the authenticity of forgiveness, while others proclaimed the demise of the relationship.

As the narrative unfolds, the community grapples with the ethical implications of retribution and whether an ‘eye for an eye’ can ever foster a healthy relationship.


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