Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

London’s Party Boat Submerged Amid Storm Havoc – 220 Flood Warnings Issued



Storm Henk unleashes chaos – second fatality reported as flooding hits UK

A London party boat, famously known as the Bar & Co, faced a watery demise as Storm Henk wreaked havoc, compelling Brits to evacuate amidst a staggering 220 flood warnings and a grim death toll.

The Bar & Co, a floating oasis of revelry on the River Thames, succumbed to the relentless downpour at 12.30 pm on Thursday. Acting as a floating bar, restaurant, and nightclub, the vessel found itself submerged due to adverse weather conditions.

In the wake of Storm Henk’s tempestuous assault, tragedy struck once again as a second victim lost her life. A fatal collision occurred when a woman’s car collided with a fallen tree during the tumultuous weather on Tuesday, where winds roared at a daunting 94mph.

Nottinghamshire faced a deluge that led to a major incident being declared, prompting the evacuation of residents from inundated homes. The River Trent swelled to near-record levels post-Storm Henk, with the Met Office issuing a yellow weather warning for rain across the southern regions.

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As of Thursday evening, England grapples with over 220 flood warnings, signaling imminent flooding, while nearly 300 flood alerts warn of potential inundation. Rail services are grappling with severe conditions, causing delays and cancellations.

In Radcliffe-on-Trent, residents near the river’s edge experienced forced evacuations, emphasizing the severity of the situation. Nottinghamshire County Council advised homeowners to brace themselves for potential flooding, with multiple road closures across the county.

Councillor Roger Upton, shocked by the extent of flooding, expressed, “I’ve lived in Radcliffe since 1975, and this is the worst I’ve seen in those years.” Homes on the river’s edge faced flooding, leading to evacuations and power outages.

Ellen Walker, a resident, lamented the helplessness in the face of nature’s fury, saying, “If the flood comes in, it’s going to come in, and there’s no way anybody can stop it. It’s nature, but then again, they should not have been built there.”

Amidst the chaos, the sinking party boat and widespread flooding paint a grim picture of Storm Henk’s aftermath, leaving the nation grappling with nature’s unpredictable force.


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