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Lisa of Blackpink unveils solo debut with ‘Rockstar’ single release



Lisa’s first solo track under RCA Records signals a new era for the K-pop star

Lisa, the charismatic member of K-pop sensation Blackpink, is set to break new ground with her debut solo single titled “Rockstar,” scheduled for release on June 27. The announcement came via her management company LLOUD on Tuesday, marking a significant milestone in Lisa’s solo career.

The news was first teased on Instagram with a vibrant and animated teaser, hinting at a fresh sound and style for the artist. Recently, Lisa also launched a TikTok account, swiftly amassing a million followers in just over two hours, a feat that secured her a Guinness World Record. Her initial TikTok posts, showcasing her fashion choices and hinting at her upcoming music era, collectively garnered nearly 20 million likes and propelled her follower count to 9.5 million.

“Rockstar” will be Lisa’s first solo venture since her collaboration with DJ Snake, Ozuna, and Megan Thee Stallion on “SG” in 2021. That year, she also released the singles “Lalisa” and “Money,” which received widespread acclaim and were performed during Blackpink’s headline set at Coachella.

Lisa’s solo journey officially began in April when she signed a solo deal with RCA Records, a move that empowers her with ownership over her recordings and aligns her with a powerhouse team to advance her solo career ambitions. Expressing her excitement about the partnership, Lisa stated, “I’m super excited to be joining the RCA family and I am confident they are the best team to create a bigger movement in my solo career.”

The decision for Lisa to pursue solo endeavours follows Blackpink’s strategic move earlier this year when the group opted not to renew their individual contracts with YG Entertainment. This decision grants each member, including Lisa, greater control over their solo paths and creative directions. Lisa’s upcoming role in Season Three of “The White Lotus” further diversifies her artistic portfolio, showcasing her talents beyond music on a global stage.


Political Perspective: While Lisa’s solo debut itself is apolitical, the strategic decisions behind her solo career, such as signing with RCA and Blackpink’s choice not to re-sign with YG Entertainment, reflect broader shifts in the music industry’s power dynamics. This move grants artists like Lisa greater control over their creative output and commercial decisions, potentially influencing industry norms regarding artist autonomy and ownership.

Social Perspective: Lisa’s solo debut is a significant moment in K-pop, emphasizing individuality and artistic expression within a genre often associated with group dynamics. Her rapid success on TikTok underscores her global influence and the power of social media in shaping modern-day celebrity and fandom interactions. Moreover, her upcoming role in “The White Lotus” diversifies her public persona, contributing to discussions on the representation and visibility of Asian artists in Western media.

Racial Perspective: As a prominent figure in K-pop, Lisa’s solo venture contributes to ongoing discussions about representation and diversity in global entertainment. Her success challenges stereotypes and broadens the visibility of Asian artists on an international scale, potentially paving the way for more diverse narratives and representations in mainstream media.

Gender Perspective: Lisa’s solo career exemplifies empowerment and agency within the male-dominated music industry. Her control over her recordings and creative direction at RCA underscores her autonomy as a female artist, setting a precedent for other women navigating similar paths in music and entertainment.

Economic Perspective: From an economic standpoint, Lisa’s solo debut and her collaborations with global brands and media platforms like RCA Records and TikTok represent substantial commercial opportunities. These ventures not only generate revenue through music sales and streaming but also through endorsements, brand partnerships, and expanded fan engagement, contributing to her and RCA’s financial success.


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