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Liberty Media set to acquire MotoGP in landmark deal



In a strategic move, Liberty Media, the current owners of Formula 1, announce plans to take over Dorna Sports, uniting two titans of motorsport under one roof

In a major shake-up within the world of motorsports, Liberty Media, the powerhouse behind Formula 1, has unveiled plans to acquire Dorna Sports, the parent company of MotoGP. This historic transaction, set to be finalized by the end of 2024, marks a new era, bringing together two of the most prestigious racing series under a single ownership.

Liberty Media, which took the reins of F1 from CVC Capital Partners in 2017, leading to significant changes including the departure of long-time CEO Bernie Ecclestone, is poised to expand its motorsport empire. The deal, pending necessary legal clearances, will see Liberty Media acquiring approximately 86% of Dorna, leaving the management team with a 14% stake. This move values the enterprise at 4.2 billion euros, reflecting both the significance and the financial muscle of the operation.

The acquisition is more than a business transaction; it’s a strategic move that promises to enhance the global appeal and commercial viability of MotoGP. With Liberty Media at the helm, the series is expected to leverage the vast experience and resources that have bolstered F1’s growth, aiming to introduce MotoGP to broader audiences while enhancing its financial stability and global footprint.

Dorna Sports, known for promoting not just MotoGP but also the World Superbike Championship and the all-electric MotoE series, will continue its operations from Madrid. Carmelo Ezpeleta, Dorna’s CEO, remains optimistic about the future, viewing this acquisition as a pivotal step forward for MotoGP and its dedicated fan base.

The merger of F1 and MotoGP under Liberty Media’s banner is anticipated to unlock new possibilities for cross-promotion, digital expansion, and global outreach, setting the stage for unprecedented growth in motorsport’s audience and influence. With Liberty Media’s track record of fostering growth and innovation in Formula 1, stakeholders across the board, from fans to teams and commercial partners, await with anticipation the new horizons this partnership will unveil.


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