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Kylian Mbappé shoulders responsibility for PSG’s Champions League exit against Borussia Dortmund



Despite missed opportunities and Dortmund’s strong defence, mbappé acknowledges his role in PSG’s 2-0 aggregate defeat

Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappé took responsibility for his team’s exit from the Champions League after a 1-0 loss to Borussia Dortmund at Parc des Princes on Tuesday, leaving PSG defeated 2-0 on aggregate in the semifinals. Despite dominating possession and managing 30 shots, PSG couldn’t convert their chances, which included four attempts hitting the woodwork. Mbappé acknowledged his role in the defeat, emphasizing his duty to be decisive.

After the match, he reflected on the performance, saying, “I tried to help my team as best as I could but I didn’t do enough. When things are good, I take all the limelight, and when they’re not, you have to take the shadow. The first one who should have scored tonight was me.” He expressed his determination for the team to move forward from this setback.

With nearly 70% possession in the second leg, PSG pressured Dortmund’s defence relentlessly but struggled to find the net. Mbappé stated that PSG weren’t simply unlucky, attributing the loss to inefficiency in front of the goal. He acknowledged Dortmund’s clinical finishing, noting that their opponents made the most of their opportunities, while PSG couldn’t capitalize on theirs.

Dortmund’s Mats Hummels scored early in the second half, and goalkeeper Gregor Kobel made a remarkable save to deflect Mbappé’s close-range shot onto the crossbar, ensuring the French side’s frustration. Manager Luis Enrique praised Borussia Dortmund’s overall performance and expressed disbelief at the defeat, stating, “We have six posts in total, 31 shots, but we have not scored a goal. It feels impossible to believe.”

PSG President Nasser al-Khelaifi remained defiant, highlighting PSG’s youth and potential, while commending Dortmund’s progress to the final. He reiterated the club’s commitment to winning the coveted Champions League trophy but acknowledged the need to accept the current result, however bitter.

This result could mark Mbappé’s final Champions League appearance for PSG as speculation about his future looms. Despite growing rumours of a potential move to Real Madrid, he remained focused on the present, rolling his eyes at reporters’ questions and walking away without comment.


The loss reflects PSG’s struggle to maximize their dominance in crucial moments. From a tactical standpoint, Dortmund’s disciplined defensive shape prevented PSG’s creative players from finding space. The German side exhibited composure and seized opportunities effectively, contrasting with PSG’s inefficiency in finishing.

From a sociological perspective, the pressure to win the Champions League has heightened since Qatar Sports Investments took over PSG, and Mbappé’s acceptance of responsibility demonstrates his leadership within the team. However, individual accountability often overshades systemic issues within the club, and a more cohesive attacking strategy is required.

Economically, failure to advance could impact PSG’s revenues and future investments. Players like Mbappé, who possess high commercial value, might reconsider their association with PSG, especially if ambitions remain unmet.

Moreover, the loss may increase scrutiny on coach Luis Enrique’s strategies, possibly leading to administrative or tactical changes ahead of the next season.


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