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Kremlin’s cruel taunt: Medvedev mocks Navalny’s widow amidst mourning



Yulia Navalnaya strikes back at heartless jibes as she vows to continue her husband’s legacy

In an appalling twist to an already tragic saga, the Kremlin has stooped to new lows by insinuating that Alexei Navalny’s grieving widow, Yulia, secretly harboured desires for her husband’s demise to pave her way into politics. This distasteful narrative was spun by Dmitry Medvedev, a figure tightly woven into Vladimir Putin’s inner circle and a former president of Russia himself.

The shocking assertion was made as the world still reels from the murky circumstances surrounding the death of Alexei Navalny, Russia’s most vocal critic of the Putin regime. Yulia Navalnaya, residing in the US with her daughter Dasha, 23, has fiercely rebutted Medvedev’s claims, labelling him as inconsequential and accusing Putin of orchestrating her husband’s death.

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 Yulia’s retaliation was swift and pointed, as she accused the Kremlin of deploying Medvedev as a diversion from the real culprit behind her husband’s death. She has pledged to carry on Navalny’s crusade against Putin’s autocracy and the war on Ukraine, asserting her husband’s assassination at the hands of the Russian leader.

Medvedev’s comments, dripping with insensitivity, suggested that Yulia has been eagerly awaiting this moment to kickstart her political journey, a claim that she has outright denied. The backlash was immediate, with Yulia receiving an outpour of support against Medvedev’s vile remarks.

The debate has intensified in the aftermath of Navalny’s death, with Yulia urging the public to focus on Putin’s role in her husband’s demise and to persist in their outcry. This comes amidst a heartfelt plea from 400 members of the Russian Orthodox Church, including clergy, imploring the regime to release Navalny’s body to his family for a dignified Christian burial, a request starkly contrasting with the Kremlin’s narrative.

Human rights advocates have expressed scepticism regarding the return of Navalny’s body, fearing that the authorities might resort to cremation to erase evidence of foul play. The speculation is that the Kremlin will withhold the body until after the forthcoming elections, further shrouding Navalny’s death in mystery.

As Navalny’s mother finally gains access to her son’s remains, allegations of his brutal treatment in custody have surfaced, hinting at possible torture or even execution using KGB techniques. Despite official claims of “natural causes,” evidence suggests a more sinister end for Navalny, one that the Kremlin seems desperate to conceal.

As this sordid tale unfolds, the international community watches in horror as the Kremlin’s machinations lay bare the ruthless lengths to which it will go to silence dissent. Amidst this darkness, Yulia Navalnaya’s resolve shines as a beacon of defiance, her spirit unbroken by the Kremlin’s attempts to demean her husband’s memory.


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