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Sunday June 23, 2024
Sunday June 23, 2024

Kim Kardashian calls sister Khloé ‘Unbearable’ amid Season 5 feud on The Kardashians



Kim Kardashian criticizes Khloé’s behaviour in a candid moment, highlighting her sister’s struggles with anxiety and public scrutiny

Kim Kardashian recently was in a feud with her sister, where she called Khloé Kardashian “unbearable” during the season 5 premiere of The Kardashians. The episode aired on May 22, showing the tensions between the famous siblings. Kim, while choosing beds on a private plane, commented on Khloé’s absence, sparking a conversation about Khloé’s current state of mind.

During the scene, Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble tried to shift the topic, but Kim’s frustrations surfaced. “Khloé is unbearable these days,” Kim said. “And honestly, she’s just not feeling it. When you’re not feeling it, there’s nothing that can force you to come and have a good time. You will just be miserable — I’m not in the mood to deal with her.”

The Skims founder’s comments reflect the ongoing struggles Khloé has faced. Khloé, who shares children True and Tatum Thompson with ex-Tristan Thompson, decided to stay behind from the trip. She cited concerns for her family and her anxiety about leaving home. “Kourtney’s at the very end of her pregnancy. I feel like someone has to be here, even for all the kids. God forbid there’s a natural disaster,” Khloé explained.

Khloé admitted to overthinking and feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities. “I know I’m an overthinker. I know I’m insane. Welcome to my mind,” she added. Her decision to stay home seems rooted in a sense of duty and her struggle with anxiety.

Previously, Khloé revealed her mental health struggles. She mentioned having a “mental breakdown” before her son’s birth and expressed anxiety about public appearances. “I just have such anxiety about going [to the Late Late Show with James Corden],” she shared in a past season. The aftermath of public appearances often brings intense scrutiny and criticism, which has taken a toll on her mental health.

Khloé’s experience with social media trolls exacerbates her anxiety. “There are definitely always trolls, and now, everything is so critical,” she said. “The way I look, my situation with Tristan. Is my hair done the right way? What is she doing with that laugh? … I think I’ve gotten to the point where it’s literally safer to stay at home.”

Kim’s harsh words seem to stem from concern for her sister. “She needs to get out and live her life, all arrows are pointing towards misery,” Kim stated. Despite the tough love, it’s clear that Kim wants Khloé to overcome her anxieties and enjoy life again.


The ongoing feud between Kim and Khloé Kardashian, as seen in The Kardashians’ season 5 premiere, highlights several key issues. From a sociological perspective, this family drama illustrates the pressures of living under constant public scrutiny. Khloé’s anxiety and her decision to stay home reflect the immense burden placed on celebrities by social media and public opinion.

Economically, the Kardashians’ brand thrives on their public personas and personal stories. This feud, while personal, also serves as a compelling narrative for the show, driving viewer engagement and maintaining the brand’s relevance. However, the toll on Khloé’s mental health poses questions about the sustainability of such public exposure.

From a gender perspective, Khloé’s struggles underscore the heightened scrutiny women face regarding their appearance and behaviour. Social media amplifies these pressures, often leading to severe mental health consequences. Khloé’s experience resonates with many women who face similar judgment and criticism in their everyday lives.

The family dynamics, particularly Kim’s criticism and Khloé’s response, highlight issues of sibling rivalry and support. Kim’s frustration might stem from concern, but it also reveals the challenges of balancing personal feelings with family responsibilities. This dynamic adds a layer of complexity to their relationship, showing how family ties can both support and strain individual well-being.

In terms of psychological impact, Khloé’s anxiety is a significant concern. Her fear of public judgment and the need to protect herself by staying home reflects a broader issue of mental health among celebrities. The constant pressure to maintain a public image can lead to severe stress and anxiety, as seen in Khloé’s case.

Politically, the Kardashian family’s influence on social norms and public behaviour cannot be ignored. Their actions and words reach a vast audience, shaping perceptions and discussions around mental health, family dynamics, and celebrity culture. Khloé’s openness about her struggles can contribute to a broader dialogue about the importance of mental health support and the negative impacts of social media.

In conclusion, the feud between Kim and Khloé Kardashian on The Kardashians highlights significant social, economic, and psychological issues. While their personal drama captivates audiences, it also sheds light on the broader implications of celebrity life, public scrutiny, and mental health. As the season unfolds, it will be crucial to see how these dynamics evolve and what lessons can be drawn from their experiences.


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