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Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband hit with multi-million dollar repayment order over managerial overcharging scandal



Legal battle escalates as California commissioner rules in Favour of the pop icon

Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, has been slapped with a substantial repayment order totaling $2,641,374 after a California labor commissioner found him guilty of overcharging the pop sensation during his managerial role. The ruling highlights Blackstock’s unlawful procurement of deals that should have been handled by a licensed talent agent.

The legal saga unfolded following the couple’s divorce in 2022, with Clarkson filing for separation in June 2020. The recent ruling exposes Blackstock’s alleged financial exploitation while managing Clarkson, asserting that he secured contracts for major ventures, including The Voice, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Norwegian Cruise Line, Wayfair, and the Billboard Music Awards.

While the legal documents acknowledge that Blackstock’s involvement in The Kelly Clarkson Show contract was within managerial boundaries, it contends that his role overstepped legal limits in other dealings. Per the Talent Agencies Act (TAA), a manager without a talent agency license cannot procure employment for artists.

Clarkson’s legal team argued that Blackstock’s involvement in securing deals for The Voice, Wayfair collaboration, and NCL should have been conducted by her team at Creative Artists Agency. The ruling establishes that Blackstock received commissions for these deals, amounting to $1,983,155.70, $450,000, and just over $208,000, respectively.

Blackstock’s legal representatives have confirmed their intent to appeal the commissioner’s decision, prolonging the legal battle between the former couple.

Clarkson, amidst the legal turmoil, recently revealed a positive shift in her emotional well-being. The singer, who experienced personal unhappiness during the initial years of The Kelly Clarkson Show, expressed a newfound sense of happiness and authenticity following its relocation to New York City for its fifth season.

As the legal drama continues, Kelly Clarkson remains resolute in her pursuit of justice, emblematic of her resilience both personally and professionally.


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