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Kate’s heartwarming gesture: Palace staff touched by Princess’s sweet act after Prince Louis’ arrival



Former aide reveals behind-the-scenes bond between Kate Middleton and Royal workers

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Amidst the grandeur of royal duties, Kate Middleton’s endearing relationship with palace staff came to light with a touching gesture she made after the birth of Prince Louis, according to a former royal aide.

The Princess of Wales, known for her approachable demeanor, has long been appreciated for balancing her royal duties with her family life. Beyond her public image, insiders reveal a warm and informal side to Kate, making her popular not only among royal fans but also with the palace staff.

In contrast to rigid royal traditions, it is reported that Prince William and Kate prefer a relaxed atmosphere within the royal household. Informality and a positive work environment take precedence over formalities when hiring staff for their residence.

One heartwarming incident stands out, as shared by a former aide: “The Princess of Wales is very popular with staff. I remember after Prince Louis was born, she popped into Clarence House, quietly knocked on the door of the staff quarters and introduced them all to the baby. They were really touched by that.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in their bid to cultivate an informal setting, extend this philosophy even to the attire of the staff. Royal journalist Valentine Low, in his book “Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown,” sheds light on this unique approach taken by the royal couple.

According to one anonymous staffer, “[Prince William] wants it to be casual. The kids run around the office, and he does not want it to be stuffy. If we have important meetings or are going to Buckingham Palace, then, of course, we [dress up].” This casual and modern parenting style also extends to the way their three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—are raised.

Notably, shouting is strictly prohibited in the Cambridge household, reflecting the couple’s commitment to a more modern and open approach to parenting. As parenting consultant Kirsty Ketle suggests, Kate’s childhood in a loving and tight-knit family has influenced her parenting style, making her a growing icon in the parenting and early years world.

The Princess of Wales continues to leave an indelible mark not only in the royal spotlight but also in the hearts of those working behind the scenes. Stay tuned for more heartwarming insights into the world of our beloved royals.


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