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Sunday June 23, 2024
Sunday June 23, 2024

Kanye West sued for sexual harassment by a former assistant



Lauren Pisciotta seeks $3 million for emotional distress and breach of contract

Kanye West, now legally known as Ye, and his Yeezy sneaker business are facing a lawsuit from former assistant Lauren Pisciotta. She alleges sexual harassment, breach of contract, and wrongful termination, claiming she is owed $3 million after enduring intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Pisciotta, 35, states in her lawsuit that West sent her lewd texts and performed sexual acts while on the phone with her. She claims that she was fired in 2022 after failing to receive a promised promotion to “chief of staff” with a $4 million salary. Additionally, she contends that she was not paid a multimillion-dollar severance package that was assured to her.

The lawsuit, filed on Monday, outlines Pisciotta’s history in the music industry, her collaboration with West on the first season of his Yeezy women’s fashion line, and her contribution to three songs on his Donda album. Initially hired as West’s “executive assistant/personal assistant” with a $1 million annual salary, Pisciotta was required to be available 24/7.

A former OnlyFans model, Pisciotta says she was earning $1 million annually from her account on the platform. West, wanting her to embody a “God-like” persona, offered her $1 million to delete her OnlyFans account, which she did. Subsequently, she received explicit messages from West and claimed he masturbated in front of her during a flight to Paris.

Court documents reveal that West allegedly sent Pisciotta messages saying, “See my problem is I be wanting to fuck but then after I fuck I want a girl to tell me how hard they have been fucked while I’m fucking them,” and “Then I want her to cheat on me.” Pisciotta also alleges that West instructed her to deliver a sexual enhancement product to him, expressed a fixation on her boyfriends’ penis sizes, and sent her videos of himself having sex with a model.

West’s behaviour, which has previously included a public declaration of a “full-on pornography addiction” that he said “destroyed my family,” aligns with past accusations of lewd conduct. Last year, former employees of his Yeezy fashion line told Rolling Stone that West played pornographic films during staff meetings and showed intimate photographs of his former wife, Kim Kardashian.

West’s representatives have not yet responded to Pisciotta’s lawsuit. The Guardian has reached out for comment.


Political Impact: The lawsuit against Kanye West could affect the public perception of powerful individuals in the entertainment industry, highlighting ongoing issues of workplace harassment and misconduct. This case might influence future legislation or policies aimed at protecting employees from similar abuses.

Social Reflection: The allegations against West reflect broader societal debates about the misuse of power and the impact of celebrity behavior on public norms. This lawsuit underscores the importance of holding influential figures accountable for their actions, resonating with the #MeToo movement’s ongoing efforts to expose and address sexual misconduct.

Psychological Aspect: The psychological implications of Pisciotta’s claims are significant, illustrating the emotional toll such experiences can have on victims. Her allegations of emotional distress highlight the importance of mental health awareness and the need for support systems for those affected by workplace harassment.

Sociological Angle: This case emphasizes the sociological dynamics of power and exploitation in the workplace. It sheds light on the vulnerabilities faced by employees in positions of lesser power and the potential for abuse by those in influential roles. The lawsuit may prompt discussions about creating safer work environments and improving reporting mechanisms for misconduct.

Fashion Culture: As a figure deeply embedded in both the music and fashion industries, West’s actions and the subsequent lawsuit could impact his brand’s image and the industry’s culture. This case may influence how fashion brands address and prevent workplace harassment, potentially leading to more stringent policies and a shift towards greater accountability and transparency.


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