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Kanye West sparks controversy with $200 ‘sock’ shoes – fans question design and pricing



YEEZY POD unleashed amid mixed reactions on social media

Kanye West has once again stirred the fashion world, unveiling his latest creation – the YZY POD, a peculiar blend of shoes and socks. Following his public fallout with Adidas, this release marks Kanye’s independent foray into the fashion realm. However, social media has erupted with critiques rather than applause for the avant-garde footwear.

The YZY POD, described as ‘foldable’ and ‘travel-friendly,’ has drawn attention for its uncanny resemblance to large tube socks. Despite assertions that the design is robust enough for regular wear, netizens are expressing their opinions on both the aesthetics and the pricing.

Priced at $200, the YZY POD has triggered disbelief and skepticism among potential buyers. Social media posts reflect the sentiment, with one user questioning, “Who is paying [$200] for a pair of socks lol?” Another pondered, “Is it $200 per sock, or do you get a pair?” while a third succinctly stated, “YE $200 for a sock is crazy.”

Kenneth Anand, affiliated with YEEZY, defended the price tag, attributing it to the high-quality materials used in manufacturing. He emphasized the cost of producing quality products, particularly for independent brands, and compared the Yeezy models to similar offerings from luxury brands Vetements and Balenciaga, asserting that YZY POD is comparatively more affordable.

Adding to the confusion, the sizing of the YZY POD has left potential buyers scratching their heads. With just three sizes labeled as one, two, and three, consumers are left unsure about how the sizing corresponds to conventional measurements, leading to queries like, “What does size 1 2 3 mean?” and requests for clarification on the ordering process.

This release marks Kanye West’s return to the fashion scene after being dropped by Adidas in October 2022 due to a series of controversial comments. Adidas cited West’s unacceptable and hateful remarks as a violation of the company’s values of diversity, inclusion, mutual respect, and fairness.

As social media debates the unconventional design and pricing of the YZY POD, Kanye West continues to push the boundaries of fashion, provoking both admiration and criticism from fans and critics alike.


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