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Kanye West gets icy reception from Leonardo DiCaprio at Super Bowl



Former friends Kanye West and Leonardo DiCaprio exchange cold shoulder at Super Bowl

After dispelling rumours of being ejected from the Super Bowl by Taylor Swift, Kanye West faced another awkward encounter, this time with former friend Leonardo DiCaprio.

Despite the Super Bowl being a sporting event, the presence of celebrities often steals the spotlight. Kanye West, now known as Ye, was among the famous faces at the Las Vegas event.

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West, who has been a frequent subject of headlines, found himself in the midst of another media frenzy at the Super Bowl. Reports initially surfaced claiming that Taylor Swift had him removed from the stadium, reigniting their long-standing feud. However, West’s representative swiftly debunked the rumour as false.

While there seems to be no feud with Swift, sources close to West revealed that his interaction with DiCaprio was far from warm. The two stars, who have been seen together in the past, including at DiCaprio’s birthday party, appear to have drifted apart.

At the Super Bowl, both West and DiCaprio were present in a suite sponsored by fast-food chain Raising Cane’s. Despite being in close proximity, reports suggest there was minimal interaction between the two, with one source indicating that they merely exchanged nods.

Another source contradicted this, claiming there was no interaction whatsoever between the former friends.

DiCaprio’s Super Bowl experience took an unexpected turn when he was teased by SpongeBob for his dating history, adding a humorous twist to an otherwise tense encounter with West.


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