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Kanhaiya Kumar assaulted outside AAP office in Delhi amid Lok Sabha elections



Congress candidate accuses BJP’s Manoj Tiwari of orchestrating attack

Kanhaiya Kumar, the Congress candidate for Northeast Delhi in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, faced a violent assault on Friday, May 18, outside the AAP office in the New Usmanpur area. The incident occurred after Kumar concluded a meeting with local Councillor Chhaya Sharma.

Witnesses reported that a group of unidentified men approached Kumar and placed a garland around his neck. Immediately after, they threw ink on him and attempted to physically assault him. Councillor Chhaya Sharma intervened, but the attackers misbehaved with her and issued threats. The incident has drawn widespread condemnation and sparked political controversy.

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Kanhaiya Kumar directly accused his rival, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari, of orchestrating the attack. Kumar stated, “The attack was ordered by Manoj Tiwari out of frustration over my growing popularity.” He added that Tiwari, the sitting MP, sent “goons” to intimidate him. Kumar expressed confidence that the public would respond to this act of violence through their votes in the upcoming election on May 25.

Video footage of the incident has gone viral on social media, showing the moment when the attackers threw ink on Kumar and attempted to assault him. The police have confirmed that Chhaya Sharma tried to stop the assailants, who then threatened her. The Delhi Police are investigating the matter, and no arrests have been reported so far.

In response to the incident, Congress leader Abhishek Dutta took to social media to condemn the attack. He accused the BJP of using violence to suppress opposition and predicted that this would backfire on them in the election. Dutta wrote, “This assault will cost the BJP the seat. Kanhaiya Kumar will win, and it remains to be seen how many more such cowardly acts the BJP will commit against an innocent Bihari.”

The Congress party is contesting three seats in Delhi as part of a seat-sharing arrangement with the AAP, which is fielding candidates in four constituencies. This alliance aims to consolidate opposition votes against the BJP in the national capital.

The assault on Kumar has heightened tensions in an already heated election season. Political analysts suggest that such incidents could sway public sentiment and impact voter turnout. The Delhi elections are being closely watched, as the outcomes could influence the broader national political landscape.


The assault on Kanhaiya Kumar outside the AAP office in Delhi underscores the intense political rivalry and high stakes of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Kumar’s direct accusation against BJP MP Manoj Tiwari highlights the charged atmosphere and the extent to which political adversaries might go to undermine each other.

Politically, this incident could have several ramifications. For the Congress party, the attack on Kumar could galvanize support from voters who view him as a victim of political violence. It also provides the Congress with an opportunity to portray the BJP as resorting to undemocratic means to retain power. This narrative could resonate with voters who are disillusioned with the BJP’s governance and campaign tactics.

Sociologically, the assault reflects broader issues of political violence and intimidation in Indian elections. Such incidents can create a climate of fear and suppress voter turnout, particularly among marginalized communities. The intervention by Chhaya Sharma, a female Councillor, and the threats she faced also highlight the gendered dimension of political violence, where women in politics face unique challenges and dangers.

Economically, the stability and conduct of elections are crucial for investor confidence and market stability. Incidents of violence and allegations of orchestrated attacks can create uncertainty and negatively impact economic sentiment. The business community often prefers a stable and peaceful political environment, which is conducive to economic growth and investment.

Locally, the incident has significant implications for the constituency of Northeast Delhi. The area, which has a diverse electorate, will be closely watching the developments. The public’s reaction to the assault and the subsequent political fallout could influence voter behaviour and the election outcome. The allegations against Manoj Tiwari, a prominent figure, could sway undecided voters and consolidate support for Kanhaiya Kumar.

From a theoretical perspective, the assault on Kumar can be analyzed through the lens of power dynamics and political strategy. The use of violence and intimidation is a tactic to disrupt the opponent’s campaign and demoralize their supporters. However, it can also backfire by eliciting public sympathy for the victim and mobilizing voters against perceived injustice.

In conclusion, the assault on Kanhaiya Kumar is a microcosm of the broader political tensions and dynamics at play in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The incident’s impact on voter sentiment and behaviour in Northeast Delhi will be critical in determining the election’s outcome. As the investigation unfolds and political parties navigate the fallout, the incident will remain a focal point in the electoral narrative.


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