Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Kangaroo’s great escape ends in dramatic fashion: Delivers knockout punch to police officer



Runaway marsupial displays boxing skills during four-day Canadian adventure

In a bizarre turn of events, a runaway kangaroo, on the loose for four days, left its mark on law enforcement as it delivered a punch to a police officer during its capture. The marsupial’s daring escape unfolded after it bolted from a zoo delivery truck, adding a wild chapter to its journey to a zoo in Quebec, Canada.

The female kangaroo, en route to the zoo, made a break for freedom when the delivery driver stopped at Oshawa Zoo, allowing the kangaroos to stretch their legs. Escaping towards the hilly landscape of northern Oshawa, the marsupial embarked on a journey that saw it hopping through the Canadian countryside, leaving residents astonished and capturing the attention of social media.

Durham police eventually closed in on the kangaroo, surrounding it and initiating a daring capture. However, not ready to surrender, the kangaroo showcased its boxing prowess, landing a punch on a police officer’s face. Despite the unexpected hit, officers successfully took the marsupial into custody, unharmed.

Staff Sgt. Chris Boileau praised the officers’ efforts, noting that they managed to keep eyes on the kangaroo for nearly four hours before the capture. The encounter, although unusual, became a memorable incident for the officers involved.

Reviewing body cam footage, Sgt. Joanne Bortoluss revealed that the kangaroo seemed spooked during the attempted reassurance by officers, resulting in the unexpected punch. Fortunately, the officers remained uninjured, and the kangaroo underwent a medical exam before being safely transported back to Oshawa Zoo.

Cameron Preyde, the supervisor at Oshawa Zoo, shared relief as the kangaroo returned to human care unharmed. The escapade, filled with backyard hopping and forest strolls, came to an end with the marsupial finding warmth, fresh water, and rest at the zoo.

As the community watched the kangaroo’s escapades, the incident became a local sensation, with residents capturing videos and sharing updates on the creature’s whereabouts. The kangaroo’s adventure, while a brief spectacle, left a lasting impression on the Oshawa community.


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