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Central Industrial Security Force constable slaps Kangana Ranaut at Chandigarh airport



Amidst a heated exchange, a CISF constable strikes Kangana Ranaut, sparking controversy and discussions on security protocols

At Chandigarh Airport, tensions escalated as newly elected Member of Parliament Kangana Ranaut found herself in a verbal altercation with a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) constable. The incident occurred as Ranaut was preparing to board a flight to Delhi, following her recent electoral victory in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi constituency.

Mobile footage capturing the aftermath of the altercation quickly circulated online, showing Ranaut engaged in a confrontation at a check-in counter. Although the video did not capture the actual moment of the slap, it depicted the tense atmosphere preceding the altercation.

In a subsequent video statement, Ranaut recounted the events, alleging that the constable assaulted her and hurled expletives, citing her support for farmers’ protests as the motive. The constable, identified as Kulwinder Kaur, defended her actions, stating that she slapped Ranaut in response to the actor’s disparaging remarks about farmers.

Ranaut’s previous comments on farmers’ protests, including a reference to protesters being available for a nominal fee of ₹100, resurfaced in the aftermath of the incident. The controversy surrounding Ranaut’s remarks has been ongoing, with her statements drawing criticism and sparking debates.

The constable involved in the altercation has been suspended, and an FIR has been filed in connection with the incident. Ranaut’s history of contentious statements and her stance on various issues have contributed to the polarizing nature of the incident.


Political Impact: The slap incident involving Kangana Ranaut carries political implications, as it highlights the intersection of celebrity status and public discourse. Ranaut’s vocal opinions on social and political issues have often attracted attention, positioning her as a polarizing figure in Indian politics. The incident may reignite discussions on the responsibilities of public figures and the boundaries of freedom of expression in the political arena.

Social Reflection: The altercation at Chandigarh Airport reflects broader societal debates surrounding farmers’ protests and the role of celebrities in shaping public opinion. Ranaut’s remarks on the protests have stirred controversy, with critics accusing her of undermining the farmers’ cause. The incident underscores the tensions and divisions within society, particularly on issues related to agriculture and rural livelihoods.

Psychological Aspect: The slap incident may have psychological implications for both Kangana Ranaut and the constable involved. Ranaut’s experience of being physically assaulted in a public setting could elicit feelings of vulnerability and trauma. Similarly, the constable may experience emotional distress as a result of the disciplinary action and public scrutiny following the incident.

Sociological Angle: From a sociological perspective, the altercation highlights power dynamics and hierarchies within society. The encounter between a celebrity and a security personnel exemplifies the complex interactions between individuals from different social strata. The incident also raises questions about the treatment of women in public spaces and the use of force in law enforcement.

Fashion Culture: While the incident itself does not directly relate to fashion culture, Kangana Ranaut’s attire and demeanor during the altercation may become subjects of scrutiny and analysis in popular media and social platforms. Ranaut’s fashion choices and public persona often attract attention, shaping discussions on style and celebrity culture.


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