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Jurgen Klopp breaks down in tears, discusses Liverpool’s future with Arne Slot



Jurgen Klopp bids an emotional farewell to Liverpool fans, revealing talks with new manager Arne Slot, as he reflects on his tenure and future plans

Jurgen Klopp broke down in tears after being serenaded by Liverpool supporters at a final farewell event on Tuesday night. Klopp stepped down as Reds boss after eight and a half years in charge. His final match, a 2-0 win over Wolves at Anfield on May 19, marked the end of an era. He returned to the city for an event that celebrated his time as manager and his impact on the club and community.

At the event, titled “An Evening With Jurgen Klopp,” held at the M&S Bank Arena, hosts John Bishop and Peter McDowall welcomed Klopp. Performances from The Lightning Seeds, The Zutons, and opera singer Alfie Boe, who performed “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” highlighted the night. The 56-year-old manager shared his experiences since taking the job in October 2015 before an emotional finale.

The arena erupted in song, with fans rising to their feet to clap along. Klopp managed to hold himself together for a minute before tears overcame him, and he began crying into his hand. This emotional moment underscored the deep connection Klopp had with the Liverpool supporters.

However, the evening wasn’t solely emotional. Klopp confirmed he had spoken to his successor, Arne Slot, about the challenges ahead. Slot, arriving from Dutch side Feyenoord, will begin his tenure in the coming days. “I spoke to pretty much everybody on the new leadership team,” Klopp said. “He’s a really good manager.”

Klopp received a hero’s welcome to the stage and didn’t disappoint the massive crowd. He shared some classic lines, one of which was, “Aside from marrying Ulla, joining Liverpool was the best decision of my life.” This sentiment reflected Klopp’s profound appreciation for his time at Liverpool.

The German manager spoke about his pride in becoming an honorary Scouser and his commitment to remaining a fan of the club for life. Video messages of thanks from stars like Daniel Craig and Paddy Pimblett played during the event, adding to the heartfelt tributes. 

Having left the hectic life of Liverpool manager, Klopp now plans to rest and recuperate before taking on another job. “Will I ever work again? Of course, I know myself, I cannot just sit around,” he said. “I will find something else maybe to do. But I will not manage a club or a country at least for a year, that’s not possible, I cannot do that and I don’t want to.”

Klopp’s departure marks the end of a significant chapter in Liverpool’s history. His tenure brought numerous successes, including the 2019 Champions League title and the 2020 Premier League title. His emotional farewell signifies his lasting impact on the club and its supporters.


Jurgen Klopp’s departure from Liverpool has broad ramifications for the club, its fans, and the broader football community. Klopp’s tenure saw Liverpool rise to the pinnacle of English and European football, achieving successes that had eluded the club for decades. His emotional farewell event underscored the deep bond he formed with Liverpool supporters, a relationship characterized by mutual respect and admiration.

From a political perspective, Klopp’s leadership style often extended beyond football. He openly discussed social and political issues, advocating for justice and equality. This approach resonated with fans and added a layer of significance to his role at Liverpool. Klopp’s departure may lead to a void in this regard, as his successor will need to navigate both footballing and social responsibilities.

Sociologically, Klopp’s impact on Liverpool is profound. He became an integral part of the community, embracing the city’s culture and ethos. His tenure coincided with Liverpool’s resurgence as a footballing powerhouse, fostering a sense of pride and identity among supporters. Klopp’s ability to connect with fans on a personal level enhanced this relationship, making his farewell particularly poignant.

Economically, Klopp’s success translated into significant financial gains for Liverpool. The club’s return to the top of English and European football boosted revenue through increased ticket sales, merchandise, and sponsorships. Klopp’s departure poses a challenge for the club to maintain this economic momentum. Arne Slot, Klopp’s successor, will need to sustain the team’s competitive edge to ensure continued financial stability.

Locally, Klopp’s involvement in community initiatives and charitable activities endeared him to the people of Liverpool. His support for local causes and his genuine connection with fans created a legacy that extends beyond football. Slot’s challenge will be to build on this foundation and continue fostering a strong relationship with the local community.

From a gender and minority perspective, Klopp’s advocacy for inclusivity and equality set a standard for leadership in sports. His open support for initiatives promoting diversity highlighted his commitment to creating a more inclusive environment. Slot’s ability to uphold these values will be crucial in maintaining the progressive atmosphere Klopp cultivated at Liverpool.

In summary, Klopp’s departure from Liverpool marks the end of an era characterized by unparalleled success, deep community engagement, and a commitment to social justice. His successor, Arne Slot, faces the daunting task of building on this legacy while navigating the challenges of maintaining the club’s competitive and economic status. Klopp’s emotional farewell signifies the profound impact he had on Liverpool, both on and off the pitch.


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