Thursday, June 13, 2024
Thursday June 13, 2024
Thursday June 13, 2024

James Maddison dropped from England’s final Euro 2024 squad



The Tottenham midfielder was excluded from Gareth Southgate’s 26-player squad despite a promising start to the season

James Maddison has been excluded from England’s final 26-player squad for Euro 2024 and has left the Three Lions camp. The Tottenham midfielder, who was part of Gareth Southgate’s 33-player provisional squad, is the first to be cut ahead of the tournament in Germany.

Despite a 30-minute appearance in England’s 3-0 win over Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maddison failed to secure his place in the final squad. Southgate must trim his extended squad to 26 names by 11 pm on Friday, just an hour after England’s last Euro 2024 warm-up match against Iceland at Wembley. England will kick off their Euro 2024 campaign on June 16 against Serbia.

Maddison’s exclusion marks another missed opportunity for a major tournament appearance with England. Although he was part of the final 26 for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he did not play before England’s quarter-final exit.

Having started the season with Tottenham in sensational form, scoring three goals and providing five assists in his first nine Premier League games, Maddison seemed a sure pick for the Euros. However, his form dipped after a mid-season injury, leading to fewer goal contributions and bench roles in crucial games, including the recent friendly against Bosnia.

Eberechi Eze and Cole Palmer’s performances against Bosnia may have influenced Southgate’s decision, as both attacking midfielders impressed, pushing Maddison down the pecking order. Additionally, world-class options like Jude Bellingham and Phil Foden further complicated Maddison’s chances.

Maddison’s recent injury and inconsistent performances over the past five seasons, where he started strong but faded, likely contributed to his exclusion. As a result, the player, once highly anticipated for his potential, finds himself watching from the sidelines as England heads to Euro 2024.


Political Impact: Maddison’s exclusion from the Euro 2024 squad reflects broader discussions about meritocracy and decision-making in national sports teams. It highlights the pressures on coaches like Gareth Southgate to balance team performance with individual talents, amid public and media scrutiny. Politically, the decision also mirrors the high-stakes environment of national sports governance, where selections can impact national morale and team dynamics.

Social Reflection: Maddison’s journey underscores the unpredictable nature of sports careers and the societal pressures athletes face. His early-season success followed by a drop in form and eventual exclusion from the squad reflects the high expectations and scrutiny professional athletes endure. This scenario resonates with fans and aspiring athletes, illustrating the challenges of maintaining peak performance and the transient nature of sports fame.

Psychological Aspect: Psychologically, being cut from the national squad can be a significant blow to Maddison’s confidence and mental health. The highs of being included in the provisional squad and the subsequent low of exclusion can affect an athlete’s mindset. This highlights the importance of mental resilience and support systems for athletes, emphasizing the need for psychological preparation as much as physical training.

Sociological Angle: Sociologically, Maddison’s exclusion highlights the dynamics of competition and merit in sports. It underscores the need for consistent performance and resilience against injuries. This case also brings attention to the importance of team composition and strategic choices in achieving success in tournaments like the Euros. It reflects the broader societal values of hard work, perseverance, and the acceptance of setbacks as part of the journey.

Fashion Culture: While not directly linked to fashion, Maddison’s status as a prominent footballer influences trends and fan culture. Athletes like him often become style icons, and their public appearances and endorsements impact fashion trends. His absence from the Euro 2024 squad might affect his visibility and influence in the fashion and lifestyle sectors, where athletes often cross over into celebrity culture.


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