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Jackiey Budden ‘Frozen Out’ of Christmas day with grandsons amid family feud



Family tensions escalate as Jackiey awaits invite from Jeff brazier to spend Christmas with grandsons

As the festive season approaches, Jackiey Budden, the maternal grandmother of Strictly star Bobby Brazier and his brother Freddie, reportedly faces being “frozen out” of Christmas Day celebrations amid an ongoing family feud. The bitter dynamics involve Jeff Brazier, the father of Bobby and Freddie.

Despite hopes of an invitation to a family dinner on December 25th, Jackiey is said to spend Christmas in her East London flat after allegedly being snubbed by Jeff. The family rift has intensified, with Bobby previously barring family members from attending the Strictly audience.

The situation is described as “tremendously sad” for Jackiey, who considers the boys her only family since the passing of her daughter, Jade Goody, in 2009. Jeff has criticized Jackiey in the past, asserting that she “overstated” her involvement in the boys’ lives.

A friend revealed, “She is very upset and would do anything to see the boys. It’s tremendously sad for Jackiey, the boys are really the only family she has left since Jade died.”

While acknowledging Jackiey’s eccentricities, the friend emphasized her desire to be with the grandsons on Christmas, stating, “While Jackiey is the first to accept that she isn’t your ordinary nan, that she is a bit whacky and at times difficult, she is still human and wants to see them.”

As Jackiey awaits an invitation, the friend expressed her longing to celebrate the end of a special year for Bobby and to share the joy with him.

In 2021, Bobby had reestablished contact with Jackiey after a period of lost connection, acknowledging her resilience and describing her as a remarkable woman.


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