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Mitchell Starc wins Player of the Match award in IPL 2024 final



Starc’s stellar bowling performance helps Kolkata Knight Riders clinch victory against Sunrisers Hyderabad

CHENNAI — Mitchell Starc’s exceptional bowling performance played a pivotal role in Kolkata Knight Riders’ triumph over Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL 2024 final. Starc was awarded the Player of the Match for his critical contribution in restricting Hyderabad to a mere 113 runs in the first innings.

The Australian fast bowler, who was signed for ₹24.75 crore in the auction last year, lived up to his hefty price tag by delivering a match-winning performance. Starc claimed two wickets and conceded just 14 runs in his three-over spell, setting the tone for Kolkata’s dominance. His first wicket came in the very first over when he bowled a perfect delivery that clipped the top of Abhishek Sharma’s off stump. In his next over, he dismissed Rahul Tripathi, further destabilizing Hyderabad’s batting lineup.

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Starc’s impact in the match was immediate and decisive. His disciplined line and length, combined with sheer pace, made it difficult for Hyderabad’s batsmen to settle. The 34-year-old’s ability to strike early and break partnerships was crucial in maintaining pressure on the opposition. Starc’s performance was not just about the wickets he took but also about the control he exerted, which restricted the scoring opportunities for Hyderabad.

In the broader context of the tournament, Starc’s contributions have been significant. Throughout IPL 2024, he managed to take 17 wickets in 14 matches, showcasing his consistency and skill. Notably, Starc also made history by becoming the first player to win two Player of the Match awards in the IPL Playoffs, underlining his ability to perform in high-stakes games.

Kolkata Knight Riders captain Shreyas Iyer praised Starc’s performance, stating, “Mitchell has been phenomenal throughout the season, and today he showed why he is one of the best in the world. His early breakthroughs set the foundation for our victory.”

The IPL final was held at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, where Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad by eight wickets. After Hyderabad was bowled out for 113, Kolkata chased down the target in just 10.3 overs, thanks to a strong batting performance led by Shreyas Iyer.

Starc’s performance in the final capped off a remarkable season for him and the Kolkata Knight Riders. His ability to deliver under pressure has been instrumental in Kolkata’s success, and his contributions have been widely recognized by fans and experts alike.

In the post-match presentation, Starc expressed his satisfaction with the performance and the team’s overall achievement. “It’s been an incredible journey this season. I’m glad I could contribute to the team’s success in such a significant way. Winning the Player of the Match in the final is a great honour,” Starc said.

The Australian pacer’s success in the IPL adds to his illustrious career and reinforces his reputation as one of the premier fast bowlers in world cricket. His performance in the final will be remembered as one of the key highlights of IPL 2024.

With this victory, Kolkata Knight Riders have solidified their position as one of the dominant teams in the IPL, thanks in large part to the efforts of players like Mitchell Starc. As the team celebrates its triumph, the focus will soon shift to future challenges, but for now, Starc and his teammates can revel in their well-deserved success.


Mitchell Starc’s performance in the IPL 2024 final provides several insights into the dynamics of modern T20 cricket. Politically, Starc’s impact reflects the strategic importance of acquiring high-calibre international players in domestic leagues. His signing for ₹24.75 crore was a significant investment by Kolkata Knight Riders, which paid off handsomely.

From a sociological perspective, Starc’s success highlights the globalization of cricket, where players from different countries compete and excel in foreign leagues. This not only enhances the competitive spirit but also fosters cross-cultural exchanges and global fan engagement.

Economically, Starc’s contribution underscores the financial stakes involved in the IPL. High-profile signings and their performances can drive significant returns in terms of match outcomes, merchandise sales, and fan following. His performance also enhances the brand value of the IPL, attracting more sponsors and broadcasters.

Locally, Starc’s role in the final adds to the IPL’s appeal in India, particularly in Chennai where the final was held. His ability to perform under pressure resonates with fans, adding to the excitement and narrative of the tournament. The IPL continues to be a major economic driver in host cities, generating revenue and creating jobs.

Gender perspectives, while not directly impacted by Starc’s performance, can still draw lessons from his disciplined approach and success. Female cricketers can find inspiration in the professional standards and achievements of their male counterparts, advocating for greater investment and support in women’s cricket.

Race and minority perspectives are crucial in understanding the inclusive nature of the IPL. Starc, as an international player, represents the diverse talent pool that the IPL attracts. This diversity promotes a more inclusive environment in cricket, encouraging players from various backgrounds to participate and excel.

Theoretical perspectives on performance under pressure are evident in Starc’s success. His ability to deliver in critical moments, such as the IPL final, showcases the importance of mental toughness, preparation, and strategic execution. These qualities are essential for success in high-stakes sports environments.

In conclusion, Mitchell Starc’s Player of the Match performance in the IPL 2024 final is a testament to his skill, resilience, and strategic importance in T20 cricket. His contributions not only secured victory for Kolkata Knight Riders but also highlighted broader themes of globalization, economic impact, and the inclusive nature of modern cricket. As the IPL continues to grow, performances like Starc’s will remain integral to its narrative and appeal.


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