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Instagram’s hot trend: a Hacker’s dream Playground, say Experts



“Social Media Trend #gettoknowme Raises Security Concerns and Turns TikToker into Unexpected Star”

A trending hashtag, #gettoknowme, sweeping across Instagram and TikTok has users divulging personal details – from names and ages to preferences and pet names. While this might seem like harmless fun, cybersecurity experts are waving red flags, cautioning about the dangers it poses.

NordVPN cybersecurity expert Adrianus Warmenhoven highlighted the risks, emphasising that this flood of personal information is a goldmine for hackers. They can craft fake profiles, design convincing phishing emails, and exploit intimate details shared by users.

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TikToker Eliana Shiloh sounded the alarm, warning her followers about the potential risks of this trend. Her video urged caution, advising users to delete their posts, recognizing that these personal details could inadvertently serve as answers to security questions, making hacking attempts easier.

Eliana’s cautionary message stirred varied reactions. While some dismissed her concerns as paranoia, Eliana clarified the potential threats, explaining how seemingly innocent details could be utilised by hackers to breach accounts.

Although news outlets labelled her a ‘cybersecurity expert,’ Eliana, a cyber and strategic risk analyst at Deloitte, clarified that she’s relatively new to the field and laughed off the title.

Regardless of her expertise, Eliana’s core message holds true: oversharing personal details on social media can be risky. Adrianus emphasised the importance of steering clear of such trends and urged users to maintain strict privacy settings. Public profiles should be monitored, and suspicious users blocked to mitigate unforeseen threats stemming from seemingly innocuous trends.

Ultimately, as fun as these social media trends may seem, they inadvertently expose individuals to potential risks, urging caution and vigilance to safeguard personal information from falling into the wrong hands.


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