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Hotel insider reveals dark secrets: Mega-rich guests’ debauchery and disrespect



Former hotel manager exposes shocking behaviors and wild parties of wealthy guests

Working in the hotel industry often means witnessing the extravagant lifestyles and secret indulgences of the mega-rich. A former hotel manager recently exposed some shocking and debaucherous behaviors during an interview with Vice. The anonymous insider shared experiences that ranged from hedonistic parties resulting in trashed rooms to instances of mistreatment by wealthy guests.

The manager, who wore a mask to conceal their identity, described the hotel industry as providing a unique perspective on the disconnect of the wildly wealthy. They disclosed encounters with the darker side of humanity, including incidents involving suicides, murders, spousal abuse, and even human trafficking.

One particularly jaw-dropping revelation involved a group of around 60 wealthy customers who rented out an entire hotel for £250,000 for two days. The aftermath of their stay left behind a nightmare room with blood, feces, and semen. Another shocking incident involved the discovery of a sawed-off shower head with a four-foot-long anal probe hose attached.

The former employee highlighted the sense of entitlement displayed by some high-profile guests, including famous pop stars and Russian oligarchs. These individuals, accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle, often treated hotel staff as if they were less than human. The manager recounted instances of being snapped at, disregarded, and receiving minimal tips despite the high prices associated with luxury accommodations.

The interview provided a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes experiences of hotel staff, shedding light on the challenging aspects of dealing with the extravagant and often disrespectful behaviors of some mega-rich guests.


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