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Horrific torture resembling a Tarantino film: Wayne Butler and Stephen Dixon jailed for sadistic assault



12-hour nightmare includes teeth extraction and forehead carving

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 In an appalling incident reminiscent of a Quentin Tarantino film, Wayne Butler, 37, and Stephen Dixon, 51, were sentenced for a sadistic 12-hour ordeal, involving the torture of a man that included pulling out teeth with a door hinge and carving the name ‘Molly’ on his forehead with a knife. The horrifying events unfolded in Llanidloes on July 17, culminating in the duo being jailed at Mold Crown Court.

Butler and Dixon pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and false imprisonment. Described by the judge as an act of “unbelievable cruelty,” Butler received a ten-and-a-half-year sentence, while Dixon was sentenced to six years for the grievous bodily harm offense. The judge emphasized their sadistic violence against a vulnerable victim.

The nightmarish sequence of events began when Butler discovered Matthew “Jimmy” Williams standing over Butler’s girlfriend Molly, who had overdosed on drugs. Blaming Williams for the overdose, Butler, in a rage, entered the flat shared by Williams and Dixon.

During the assault, Butler punched Williams and carved Molly’s name onto his forehead. Dixon, not to be outdone in brutality, spat household ammonia in Williams’ face. The torture escalated as Butler attempted to suffocate Williams with a plastic bag, threw darts at him, and used a door hinge to pull out four of his teeth. Dixon contributed by tying Williams up with bandages and later attempted to intervene to stop Butler.

In a shocking twist, the assailants demanded £400 from Williams and sent terrifying photos of the injuries to his brother, threatening further harm. The police were alerted, leading to the discovery of Williams naked and injured after a passing police car prompted the captors to untie him.

The victim believed he would be found dead if he revealed the identity of his tormentors. In a statement, Williams shared the lasting impact of the ordeal, including nightmares and difficulty eating. The judge issued indefinite restraining orders against both Butler and Dixon, preventing them from contacting their victim.

Defense lawyers argued remorse and mental health issues for Butler and claimed Dixon’s lesser culpability. However, the court emphasized the severity of their actions, condemning them for their sadistic cruelty.


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