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Home Alone 2 fans spot hilarious plot hole in iconic toy store scene



Observant viewers notice curious lack of crowds at busy New York toy store days before Christmas

Home Alone 2 enthusiasts are chuckling over a peculiar plot hole spotted by an observant fan in the iconic toy store scene. The movie, known for its festive antics and comedic encounters, sees Kevin McCallister navigating the bustling streets of New York City.

In this particular scene, Kevin enters a toy store, engaging in a conversation with the cashier, who happens to be the owner. Twitter user Darcy McQuiggan recently highlighted a noteworthy detail: “As far as I can tell it’s the only plot hole of Home Alone 2. Kevin is at a busy toy store in New York City a couple days before Christmas, chatting with the cashier who happens to be the owner, and no one is in line behind him.”

The observation humorously points out that, given the time frame—a couple of days before Christmas—a popular toy store in downtown New York would likely be teeming with last-minute shoppers. The absence of a line behind Kevin as he converses with the store owner adds an amusing touch to the movie’s narrative.

While this minor oversight tickled the fancy of Home Alone 2 fans, it’s a lighthearted reminder of the joys and quirks embedded in classic holiday films.

Lost in New York continues to be a beloved Christmas classic, and fans continue to find new reasons to appreciate the film, even three decades after its release.


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