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Heroic rescue amid Storm Henk chaos: couple saves toddler trapped in sinking car



Pregnant partner joins have-a-go hero in daring act during Birmingham flood

In a heart-stopping moment amidst the havoc caused by Storm Henk, a courageous bystander, Liam Stych, along with his pregnant partner, Tia Draper, rescued a three-year-old girl trapped in a sinking car engulfed by floodwaters in Hall Green, Birmingham.

As Brits were urged to stay indoors during the storm, the fearless duo spotted the dire situation and immediately sprang into action. Liam Stych, a roadworks engineer and traffic manager, clambered over a footbridge as the floodwaters pushed the car along the road. The horrifying scene unfolded as the young girl and her distressed mother cried for help from inside the submerged vehicle.

Bravely smashing a window, Mr. Stych managed to pull the toddler from the back seat to safety. The dramatic footage captures the moment of relief as he handed the child to his partner, Tia Draper, reassuring the little one that her mother was safe.

Speaking about the incident, Mr. Stych said, “I didn’t think about what I was doing; I just acted on instinct.” The father of two emphasized the lethal danger of floods, highlighting the sudden transformation of roads into rivers during heavy rainfall. He urged people to understand the potential dangers and emphasized the need for quick and clear thinking during such emergencies.

Mr. Stych further secured the car to the bridge with ratchet straps to prevent it from drifting further under the bridge. The mother, guided by Mr. Stych, successfully exited the vehicle, and together they leaped into the water, ensuring their safe rescue.

The timely intervention by Liam Stych and Tia Draper prevented a potentially tragic outcome, demonstrating the significance of quick thinking and decisive action during extreme weather conditions. As Storm Henk wreaked havoc across the UK, with disruptions to train services and severe flooding alerts, this heroic act stands as a testament to the power of human compassion and bravery in the face of adversity.


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