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PS5 players miss out on visual masterpiece in Hellblade 2



Once a PS4 exclusive, hell blade 2’s stunning visuals and immersive narrative are now only available on Xbox

When Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice launched on PS4 and PC in 2017, it garnered praise for its innovative use of the medium to raise mental health awareness. PlayStation fans have since followed Senua’s journey closely. However, with Microsoft’s acquisition of Ninja Theory, its sequel, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, is now an Xbox exclusive. This exclusivity leaves PS5 players missing out on one of the generation’s most visually impressive games.

Set in the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, Hellblade 2 takes players through rain-soaked beaches and misty forests, capturing the essence of Midgard’s rugged terrain. The game’s environment, with its realistic portrayal of nature, often blurs the line between virtual and reality. Players guide Senua as she battles slavers across villages, creating a narrative that is both intense and visually captivating.

The character models in Hellblade 2 set a new standard for realism. Senua’s expressions and movements, enhanced by cutting-edge motion capture technology, bring an unprecedented level of immersion. The studio’s founder, Tameem Antoniades, emphasized this commitment to realism in a 2021 showcase trailer. The final product delivers on that promise, offering a visually stunning experience that PS5 players can only admire from afar.

Walking along Hellblade 2’s detailed environments, one can’t help but be struck by the visual fidelity. The game’s unique set-pieces, from smoke-filled backgrounds to illuminated dark villages, enhance the immersive experience. Critics have noted that no other game on PlayStation achieves this level of detail, making the absence of Hellblade 2 on the platform a significant loss for fans.

The gameplay in Hellblade 2 retains the cinematic, narrative focus of its predecessor but with significant changes. Visual puzzles are fewer, replaced by more exploration through meticulously crafted environments. This shift may not appeal to everyone, as reflected in some reviews, but it underscores Ninja Theory’s dedication to creating an atmospheric journey rather than a traditional action game.

Combat in Hellblade 2 feels more deliberate and weighty. The one-on-one battles, characterized by slow, powerful sword swings, demand precision and skill. Fail to block or parry, and the consequences are punishing. Pure Xbox noted the combat’s lack of satisfaction, but even in these moments, the environmental details remain compelling, drawing players deeper into Senua’s harrowing saga.

Senua’s struggle, depicted through her grunts and shrieks during combat, conveys a raw emotional journey. The game’s motion capture technology captures the anguish and determination on her face, adding depth to the narrative. This level of detail and emotional storytelling is unmatched on PlayStation, making Hellblade 2 a unique experience that PS5 players are missing.

The lack of Hellblade 2 on PS5 is a blow to fans who began Senua’s journey on PlayStation. The game’s narrative, combined with its stunning visuals, creates an experience that stands out in the current generation of games. As PlayStation continues to deliver visually impressive titles, the absence of Hellblade 2 leaves a notable gap in its library.

Are you disappointed that Hellblade 2 is an Xbox exclusive? Would you play it if it came to PS5? Share your thoughts below.


From a business perspective, Microsoft’s acquisition of Ninja Theory and the resulting exclusivity of Hellblade 2 demonstrate strategic positioning in the console market. By securing high-profile exclusives, Microsoft aims to attract more players to its ecosystem. This move highlights the increasing competition between Xbox and PlayStation, where exclusive titles can significantly influence consumer choice.

Economically, the exclusivity of Hellblade 2 could drive Xbox sales and subscriptions to services like Game Pass. For PlayStation, the loss of a visually and narratively rich game like Hellblade 2 might push some players to consider multi-console ownership, especially those who value high-fidelity gaming experiences. The impact on sales of other high-profile PlayStation titles, however, remains to be seen.

From a sociological standpoint, the exclusivity of Hellblade 2 on Xbox could influence gaming communities and discussions. PlayStation players who enjoyed the first game may feel alienated, while Xbox communities might experience a surge in engagement. This dynamic could foster stronger brand loyalty among Xbox users, while PlayStation fans might feel compelled to advocate for more cross-platform availability of such titles.

Politically, the move could attract scrutiny regarding market practices and competition. Regulators might examine the implications of major acquisitions in the gaming industry, particularly how they affect consumer access to content. Ensuring fair competition and addressing potential monopolistic practices will be crucial for maintaining a healthy industry.

From a gender and race perspective, the portrayal of Senua in Hellblade 2 continues to be significant. The game’s focus on mental health and its detailed, empathetic portrayal of a female protagonist set a benchmark for inclusive storytelling. Ensuring that such narratives reach a broad audience, regardless of platform, is essential for promoting diverse representation in gaming.

Locally, Hellblade 2’s absence on PS5 may impact regional gaming communities where PlayStation has a stronger market presence. For instance, in countries where PlayStation dominates, players might feel the loss more acutely. Conversely, regions with a strong Xbox presence might see increased local engagement and community activities centred around Hellblade 2.

Overall, the exclusivity of Hellblade 2 on Xbox showcases the strategic moves within the gaming industry and their broader implications. While it offers Xbox players a visually and narratively rich experience, it underscores the challenges of platform exclusivity in a diverse and competitive market.


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