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Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

GTA VI release date clues: fans decode cryptic message in GTA V’s t-shirt, hinting at



Astute fans uncover potential release dates for GTA VI, drawing on hidden clues within GTA V

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As the highly anticipated GTA VI trailer release approaches, fervent fans believe they’ve uncovered potential clues hinting at the game’s overall release date. Rockstar Games, the masterminds behind the iconic Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise, recently teased fans with the announcement of the GTA VI trailer’s debut on Tuesday, December 5, at 9 am ET. The revelation also hinted at the game’s setting—Vice City, a fictionalized Miami—eliciting excitement within the gaming community. A meticulous examination of GTA V has led enthusiasts to discover hidden clues on an in-game t-shirt, labeled ‘ONEDAYWILLREVEALALL,’ which may unveil not only the trailer date but also the game’s potential release date.

The cryptic t-shirt features an intriguing number sequence, with ‘12523’ standing out prominently. Fans swiftly connected this sequence to the GTA VI trailer release date of December 5, 2023. Additionally, user @LegacyKillaHD on Twitter proposed an interpretation of another set of numbers—’040125’—suggesting a potential GTA VI release date of April 1, 2025. While this speculation sparks intrigue, fans remain cautious, considering Rockstar Games’ history of game release delays, as witnessed with Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V.

As fans eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the GTA VI trailer on December 5, the decoded clues add an extra layer of excitement and speculation surrounding the highly awaited game.


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