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GTA 6 fans decode teaser: Vice city return confirmed, birds spark character speculation



Rockstar’s teaser for GTA 6 triggers fan theories and anticipation

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Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts are on the edge of their seats as Rockstar Games dropped a bombshell, announcing the release of the first official trailer for GTA 6 on December 5. The teaser image accompanying the announcement has sparked a frenzy of speculation among fans, with several intriguing details catching their attention.

The iconic palm trees in the teaser image have ignited beliefs that GTA 6 will mark the return of Vice City, the celebrated setting from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The visual resemblance has fans buzzing about revisiting Vice City over two decades after its last appearance.

Adding to the mystery, the teaser features three birds, possibly seagulls. While the birds themselves might seem innocuous, fans are dissecting their significance. The prevailing theory suggests a nod to the game’s playable characters. Some believe it confirms the return of the three-playable-character model from GTA 5, with debates over whether all three characters will be accessible in free-roam or if one will be exclusive to specific missions.

In forums and social media, gamers share theories about bidding farewell to previous protagonists or contemplating a metaphorical transition. The symbolism of the three birds flying away is seen by some as a closure to GTA 5’s protagonists – Trevor, Michael, and Franklin.

Amid the character speculation, others wonder if the birds hold clues about the trailer’s soundtrack. References to Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” have surfaced, leading to speculation about the iconic reggae track’s potential inclusion.

With the anticipation building, GTA 6 fans eagerly await Tuesday’s trailer release, hoping to unravel more secrets and gain insights into the highly anticipated installment in the Grand Theft Auto series.


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