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Government commissioned survey engages 175,000 people to define role of monarchy: King Charles awaits public verdict



Unprecedented poll to shape monarch’s responsibilities and public expectations

In a groundbreaking move, the UK Government has launched a massive survey, engaging 175,000 ordinary voters to voice their opinions on the role of the Royal Family. This comprehensive poll, a first of its kind, aims to determine the public’s expectations and aspirations regarding the monarchy’s role. Randomly selected households from across the country are participating in the survey, and the results will be presented to Buckingham Palace this summer.

Participants are being asked a pivotal question: “What do you think should be the main role of the Monarchy in the UK?” The available choices encompass a range of responsibilities, including undertaking a constitutional role as Head of State, supporting public service and charitable sectors, recognizing and supporting the armed forces, being the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, promoting the UK abroad, and recognizing exceptional achievements through honors such as MBEs and OBEs.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport has enlisted pollster Verian to conduct this extensive survey, which includes inquiries about the frequency of library visits, podcast consumption, and smart speaker ownership. With the polling exercise initiated in May 2023 and scheduled to conclude by March 2024, participants are offered a £10 shopping voucher as a token of appreciation, amounting to an estimated cost of £1.75 million.

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Early results, excluding details on the monarchy’s role, were released last week based on responses from July to September. The eagerly awaited insights into what the public believes King Charles and other members of the Royal Family should be doing will be made public this summer.

This monumental survey follows smaller “interim” ones conducted in the past two years, each with 33,000 participants. Last year’s results indicated that 28% believed the monarchy’s main role should be to provide a sense of continuity and act as a focus for national identity, unity, and pride, while 23% leaned towards a constitutional role as Head of State.

As the nation eagerly awaits the public’s verdict, this survey, more than five times larger than previous ones, aims to shape the role of the monarchy for King Charles and generations to come.


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