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Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Gordon Ramsay’s million-dollar stroll: Celebrity chef’s whopping paycheck for a once-a-year Vegas appearance



Behind the scenes of hell’s kitchen: The million-dollar deal keeping Ramsay’s Vegas restaurant afloat

Gordon Ramsay, the culinary maestro and television sensation, has undoubtedly carved his name into the annals of gastronomic and entertainment history. With a culinary empire spanning the globe and a string of successful TV shows, the 57-year-old chef has become one of the highest-earning celebrities of the 21st century.

mong Ramsay’s ventures is the famed Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas, a culinary haven bearing his name. However, a revelation from social media star @casinocompwallet on TikTok sheds light on a surprising detail: the celebrity chef reportedly graces the Las Vegas establishment with his presence only once a year.

Despite Ramsay’s infrequent visits, the TikTok expert disclosed that the chef still commands a staggering 6% of the restaurant’s revenue, amounting to over $1 million annually based on $17 million in sales.

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Filming the grand restaurant, @casinocompwallet shared insights: “This is Hell’s Kitchen, Las Vegas, which is controlled by Gordon Ramsay. And he has a deal to manage this Hell’s Kitchen for 10 years.”

The intricate details of this deal came to light during Caesar’s Palace bankruptcy in 2016-2017. To salvage the situation, the casino had to seek approval from the judge for a new deal with Ramsay. As per court documents, Ramsay is obligated to make a once-a-year appearance in Las Vegas, staying at the resort for 24 hours. The deal specifies that Caesar’s Palace can photograph him, and Ramsay is entitled to First Class or private jet travel, along with three deluxe rooms during his brief stay.

The TikTok revelation continued: “It doesn’t include his incidentals, but he gets a 30 per cent discount if he gets room service.” A behind-the-scenes peek at the intricacies of celebrity agreements and the high stakes involved in the culinary world of Gordon Ramsay.


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