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Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Globetrotting couple reveals ‘friendliest’ nations after visiting every country in the world



Love knows no borders: Australian-Slovakian duo share insights on warmest welcomes across the globe

For those with a passion for travel seeking the friendliest destinations, look no further. Two intrepid women, Australian Rachel Davey and Slovakian Martina Sebova, who collectively explored every country globally, have unveiled the nations with the warmest welcomes.

A Decade of Adventures: From Strangers to World-Traveling Companions

Rachel and Martina, also known as Very Hungry Nomads, embarked on their awe-inspiring journey separately, traversing 100 nations recognized by the UN before serendipitously meeting in 2008. Bonding over their shared wanderlust, the duo decided to document their global escapades on their blog, Very Hungry Nomads.

The Quest for Hospitality: Uncovering the Friendliest Locales

Undeterred by cultural differences, Rachel and Martina, now a couple, commenced their joint expedition in 2018, exploring Western Europe, central Africa, and the Middle East. Amid their extensive travels, certain nations emerged as standout havens of warmth and friendliness.

“The people in Sudan and Iran were some of the friendliest people that we have encountered,” shared Martina, challenging misconceptions about the perceived dangers in these countries. Eritrea, a small nation on the east coast of Africa, also earned a special place in their hearts.

Navigating Challenges: Love Amidst Diversity and Obstacles

Their journey, however, wasn’t without challenges. In over 70 countries worldwide, LGBTQIA+ individuals face criminalization and relationship bans. Rachel and Martina, navigating these hurdles, chose not to conceal their relationship but acknowledged the importance of prioritizing personal safety.

“We were visiting a lot of countries where even the concept of a same-sex couple doesn’t exist,” Martina explained. “And we didn’t really want to put our personal safety at risk at any stage.”

Despite facing visa rejections and gender-based entry denials, the couple’s passion for travel remained unscathed. Martina emphasized the need to be “well-traveled” before embarking on a similar global odyssey.

From North Korea to Africa: A Love for Adventure Prevails

The duo’s journey took them to diverse destinations, including North Korea, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, and Pakistan. Embracing various modes of transportation, from buses to planes, they navigated unforeseen challenges with humor and resilience.

Martina, a tour guide, playfully disclosed, “Rach gets lost in the hotel. I always say it’s a miracle that she made it through every country. We make a great team.”

Love Transcends Borders: A Testimony to the Power of Travel

Rachel and Martina’s remarkable journey not only unraveled the friendliest corners of the world but also stood as a testament to the power of love and resilience in the face of global diversity. Their insights provide a valuable guide for fellow wanderers seeking warmth and connection across cultural landscapes.


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