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Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Glen Powell reveals strategy behind fueling Sydney Sweeney romance rumours for film promotion



In a strategic move, Glen Powell acknowledges utilizing public speculation about a romance with co-star Sydney Sweeney to boost their rom-com’s visibility.

Glen Powell, star of the romantic comedy “Anyone But You,” recently admitted to leveraging rumours of an affair with co-star Sydney Sweeney to enhance the film’s promotional campaign. In a candid interview with The New York Times, Powell explained that embracing these rumours was a calculated tactic to generate buzz around the movie, highlighting the essential elements of fun and chemistry necessary for the success of a rom-com.

According to Powell, the decision to “lean into” the relationship rumors came as a natural response to the audience’s desire to see on-screen romances translate into real-life connections. He praised Sweeney’s intelligence and strategic acumen in handling the publicity, emphasizing how their genuine camaraderie and palpable on-screen chemistry contributed to the film’s marketing strategy.

The rumors initially sparked during the filming of “Anyone But You,” further fueled by photos of Powell and Sweeney in suggestive scenes. As the speculation grew, both actors faced a barrage of media attention, which they decided to incorporate into their promotional efforts. Sweeney herself addressed the difficulties of dealing with such rumors, noting the personal challenges but ultimately dismissing them as part of the job when portraying romantic leads.

The promotional tour for “Anyone But You” saw Powell and Sweeney demonstrating a playful and close relationship, which they both maintained was purely platonic. Despite the rumors, Sweeney has been engaged to Jonathan Davino, who also produced the film. She openly discussed this during her appearance on Saturday Night Live, humorously clarifying the nature of her relationship with Powell and reaffirming her commitment to her fiancé.

This approach to addressing and even embracing the romance rumors reflects a deeper understanding of Hollywood’s publicity mechanisms. By acknowledging the rumors, Powell and Sweeney were able to keep their film in the public eye and engage audiences with their dynamic off-screen as well as on-screen.

As Powell and Sweeney continue to navigate their careers, their experience with “Anyone But You” serves as a testament to the complex interplay between personal lives and professional projects in Hollywood. It also highlights how stars can strategically manage public narratives to benefit their professional endeavours while maintaining personal boundaries.


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