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George Galloway vows to disrupt Labour’s bid for power with anti-Labour candidates



Controversial figure returns to parliament after winning Rochdale by-election, sparking controversy and concerns

Controversial left-wing figure George Galloway has declared his intention to stand candidates against Labour in up to 50 seats across the country, following his victory in the Rochdale by-election.

Galloway, known for his outspoken views, won the by-election as a candidate for his own Workers Party of Britain, proclaiming “this is for Gaza” in reference to his support for the Palestinian cause. His victory comes after Keir Starmer withdrew Labour’s support for candidate Azhar Ali, leading to Galloway’s win.

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The 69-year-old politician, who famously pretended to be a cat on Celebrity Big Brother, was expelled from Labour in 2003 over his opposition to the Iraq War. He now leads his own party and has vowed to disrupt Labour’s electoral prospects.

Galloway’s return to Parliament has sparked controversy, with critics citing his past inflammatory rhetoric and controversial statements. The Board of Deputies of British Jews described it as “a dark day” for the UK’s Jewish community, while the Campaign Against Antisemitism expressed concern over his potential use of the parliamentary platform.

Labour has expressed regret over not fielding a candidate in the by-election and has pledged to select a new candidate for the general election. They criticized Galloway, accusing him of stoking fear and division rather than working for the community’s benefit.

The Rochdale by-election was triggered by the death of Labour MP Sir Tony Lloyd last month. Galloway’s victory marks the fifth constituency he has represented, having previously served as an MP for Glasgow Hillhead, Glasgow Kelvin, Bethnal Green and Bow, and Bradford West.

Galloway is expected to be introduced to the Commons by Conservative former minister Sir David Davis and ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Monday, further highlighting the divisive nature of his return to Parliament.


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