Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Devastating Israeli strikes in Gaza claim 89 lives over Eid celebrations



It was surging violence in Gaza that resulted in numerous casualties, impacting civilians and journalists amid widespread international concern.

In a tragic escalation of conflict in the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces conducted a surprise ground and aerial assault on Thursday, coinciding with Eid celebrations, resulting in significant civilian casualties. The Health Ministry of Gaza reported that in the last 24 hours, at least 89 Palestinians were killed due to these military operations. This surge in violence marks one of the deadliest phases of the ongoing conflict, which has seen a relentless increase in hostilities over the past six months.

Residents of Al-Nusseirat camp have described harrowing scenes of destruction, where multiple homes and two mosques were obliterated. In the Al-Daraj neighbourhood, a targeted airstrike demolished a house, killing at least 25 people and injuring several others. Mohammed al-Rayes, a 61-year-old resident, recounted the overnight terror of airstrikes and artillery shelling that left many dead in the streets of central Gaza.

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The broader conflict has seen a staggering toll on the population, with the Health Ministry citing over 33,634 killed and 76,214 wounded in Gaza since the violence intensified more than half a year ago. In response to the ongoing strikes, many Gazans, including Laila Nasser from Nuseirat, are considering fleeing south to Rafah, seeking safety from the continuous bombardment.

The violence has not been limited to Gaza. In the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces fatally shot two Palestinians under separate circumstances. One individual was killed as Israeli soldiers fired on his vehicle in Tubas, while another was shot during a raid in the Al-Fara refugee camp.

Amidst these strikes, the media has also been caught in the crossfire. Turkish state television reported that an Israeli strike targeted a vehicle belonging to TRT Arabi, wounding two journalists, one critically. The attack has drawn sharp criticism, highlighting the peril journalists face while covering the conflict.

Despite the turmoil, the Israeli army announced that aid trucks were allowed entry into Gaza through a northern crossing, a move aimed at mitigating the humanitarian crisis. However, the exact details and efficacy of these aid efforts remain under scrutiny, with the United Nations calling for a direct hotline to Israeli forces to ensure the safe and effective delivery of humanitarian aid. This request comes in the wake of a fatal attack on World Central Kitchen staff, underscoring the critical need for improved coordination and safety measures for aid workers in conflict zones.


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