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Former McDonald’s Maestro reveals truths about the golden arches: From fried apple pies to McRib speculation



Ex-Chef dishes out insider information, disproving common myths and nostalgically pining for iconic menu items

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In the era of TikTok, former McDonald’s chef Mike Haracz has become a familiar face, captivating a whopping 211,000 followers with his insider revelations about the global fast-food giant. Serving as the Manager of Culinary Innovation for the US menu from 2015 to 2019, Mike’s revelations on TikTok have sparked intrigue and debate.

Known for unraveling mysteries like why McDonald’s ketchup differs from Heinz and why the US menu remains relatively static, Mike recently disclosed more exclusive information in an interview with UNILAD.

When asked about a menu item he believes should make a comeback, Mike passionately vouched for the legendary fried apple pie, a beloved treat discontinued in 1992. “I think the fried apple pies were far superior to the current offering,” Mike exclaimed. He also expressed puzzlement over the absence of the popular snack wrap.

However, in a disappointing revelation for McRib enthusiasts, Mike cast doubt on its chances of becoming a permanent menu fixture. Explaining his rationale, he said, “People usually buy 1 or 2 a season before they order their standard items.”

Dispelling a widespread misconception, Mike emphasized, “No one believes me when I tell them McDonald’s burgers are 100% beef.” Drawing from his four-year stint as a corporate McDonald’s chef, he affirmed the authenticity of the beef, having witnessed the entire process at the facilities where it is ground and formed.

Reflecting on McDonald’s evolving aesthetics, Mike shed light on the shift away from the iconic Ronald McDonald-heavy marketing. “They wanted to modernize their appearance to hopefully attract more ‘non-family’ eating occasion customers,” he explained.


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